36 years certified personal trainer & fitness coach experience in every session to help you lose weight, increase fitness and transform your body.

Goal Oriented, Results Driven
Personal Fitness Training

I help people maximize their workouts and reach their health & fitness goals faster and safer by designing goal appropriate, personalized fitness training programs, implementing intelligent exercise science based training methodologies and coaching them to do the things they wouldn't or couldn't do on their own.

World class Bangkok personal fitness trainer Dennis Romatz

Get Better Training Results with a World Class Personal Trainer

Experience maximized exercise workouts with an Internationally acclaimed,  Elite level personal trainer focused on your health & fitness goal achievement and dedicated to your training success.

Dennis Romatz certified personal trainer in Bangkok

Experience Phenomenal Results with a Superior Bangkok Certified Personal Trainer

I'm (Dennis Romatz) a freelance, in-home & condo gym  certified personal trainer based in Bangkok and Owner of Dennis Romatz Fitness.  I train clients primarily in the Sukhumvit / Asoke and surrounding neighborhoods.

I'm also an online personal trainer providing live online and virtual fitness training to clients all over the world.

I've been named "one of the 20 Best Personal Trainers in the world" by the Institute of Personal Trainers.

With more than 36 years of personal trainer experience, I'm widely recognized as a detailed perfectionist strictly adhering to principles of kinesiology and biomechanics producing perfect workouts with flawless human movement.  

My fitness training modalities are clinically focused and exercise science based with training methodologies presented in an educational manner providing my clients with the tools to learn how to exercise correctly train on their own and maintain their beautiful physique and optimal health.

"Dennis is the best personal trainer in Bangkok." 
- Mark Decker, Kim Ing Securities

My Certified Personal Fitness Trainer Team

I've assembled a team of the finest, most highly qualified personal trainers and fitness coaches available to train you for all health & fitness goals.

Choose the trainer who best fits your training style and needs.

Clinically Focused, Exercise Science Based Personal Training

My personal fitness training in Bangkok is a clinically focused, exercise science based method of fitness training which utilizes thorough assessments to analyze your body and design your personalized training program, exercise physiology to work with your bodies systems and kinesiology for perfect biomechanics with every exercise.

Mine is an unparalleled personal fitness training experience that'll restore your faith in achieving your goals and that anything is possible.

Best of all, I come to your apartment gym or in-home to perform your training!

You'll also benefits from the education gained from my catalog of personal training and weight loss articles and resources available to you for free.

Exercise science based personal training in Bangkok by Dennis Romatz

Workout With Me Anywhere in Bangkok

Whether you're in the Sukhumvit Rd. / Asoke Rd. Expat neighborhood of Bangkok, Satorn, or Ploenchit / Wireless Rd., I and my personal trainers will come to your home or condo gym and deliver our very best personal training to help make your workouts convenient and effective!


Bangkok Home & Condo Gym Personal Training.
Ultimate Convenience.

I train busy corporate Expats and professionals so I know that convenience is key and fitness has to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle so I specialize in mobile, freelance condo gym & in-home personal training in Bangkok.

You choose your training location.  I come to you! 


I train in every area of Bangkok, including Sukhumvit Road, Satorn Road, Wireless Road, Ploenchit, Thong Lo Road and Ekkamai Road.

apartment gym & in-home personal trainer in Bangkok

Recent Weight Loss Success Story

Nassar_before_weight_loss_front (2).jpg

Nassar flew in from London and did a 30 day immersion training program with me in Thailand.

His holistic fitness, nutrition & healthy lifestyles program consisted of caloric expenditure training in a fat fueled energy heart rate zone, dietary recommendations and comprehensive recovery protocols.

Nassar reduced his body weight by 30 pounds from 208.6 - 178.6.


Training Styles That Fit Your Lifestyle

I offer a full scope of fitness services including in-person personal training at your chosen location and live online training from anywhere in the world.  Both fitness training services include free nutrition coaching.


Goal Specific, Exact Match Fitness Training Programs

You'll get your own personalized, customized, comprehensive fitness training program, designed based on data and analysis collected from fitness assessments.

Your fitness training program will be an exact match with your health & fitness goals so you'll always be training correctly and efficiently.

Define Your Needs.
Set Your Goals.

Setting goals is an essential component of personal training success.  It defines our purpose and gives us something to strive for.

I help my clients select realist goals, devise a blueprint and strategize a plan to achieve the impossible.

Lose Weight

  • Lower body weight

  • Reduce body fat %

  • Reshape your body composition

Boost Cardio

  • Increase cardio fitness, VO2 & aerobic capacity

  • Increase oxygenated blood circulation from heart to extremities

  • Increase your heart health, energy level and performance

Gain Muscle

  • Build muscle mass, strength, size & flexibility​

  • Increase muscle performance & functionality

  • Increase muscle strength for postural support

Testimonials & Reviews

"Dennis is exactly the type of personal trainer I was looking for.  He takes a professional approach to personal training applying his exercise science & nutrition education in every fitness training session.

He marries science based fitness training with plant based nutrition for a holistic style fitness and healthy lifestyle management.  He provides the complete personal fitness training & wellness package."

Oliver Minder.jpg

Oliver Minder

CEO and Founder

"Dennis' live online personal training is great.  He's so smart and knowledgeable about the body.  He explains his exercises so well.  I know exactly why I'm doing each movement and what muscles it's working.  His program just works.  My butt is stronger and more shapely and tone in just a few weeks.  My posture is so much better and I can see my abs!  I got the hour glass figure I initially told Dennis I wanted.  I have it now!!!"


Nalisa Sitabut

CEO and Founder Nalisa & Associates

Contact, Address & Hours


Phone:  +66 0981015563

WhatsApp:  +66 0981015563


Line App: dennisromatz


Mon - Fri:  06:00 - 20:00

Sat & Sun 06:00 - 20:00

My Personal Training Service Areas

I provide in-home and condo gym personal fitness training at condominium gyms, in-home and at Bangkok parks within a 10 kilometer radius of the Sukhumvit Road & Asoke Road intersection.

The Google Map coordinates are:

13.736444, 100.561325