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About Dennis Romatz Fitness Bangkok


Dennis Romatz Fitness is a holistic personal training, fitness & human athletic performance company specializing in personal training, nutrition, wellness & healthy lifestyles.

We have freelance certified personal trainers who provide the highest quality personal training whether your goal is to gain strength, tone and sculpt muscles, burn fat, lose weight or improve metabolic health.

Our services include goal oriented, results-based 1 on 1 personal training, semi-private 2 on 1 training, group fitness classes all with nutrition coaching included performed at your condo gym at an affordable training price.


Dennis Romatz delivers a leading-edge exercise science based training methodology, a five-star, private, exclusive condo gym training style and exceptional coaching, that help driven professionals of all fitness levels crush their fitness goals, just 3 months!

Our advanced, data driven, biometrically tracked, personal training systems program produces unparalleled workouts that set the standard of modern day health & fitness performance resulting in phenomenal body composition and health transformations.

Dennis Romatz Fitness
Dennis Romatz Fitness


We think about fitness as a means of elevating not only health and fitness, but the human potential.  Pushing their limits, always striving to become better while achieving a better quality of life.

We see the gym as a training ground for our client's evolution into the best version of themselves.  Through pushing the body with weight training, strength & conditioning, cardio and movement, we build personal fortitude and mold mindsets that everything is possible with a strategy, focus, determination and execution.  That what we do in the gym spills over into our lives outside the gym and makes us better people.

We inspire, challenge and empower people to do what’s already inside them just waiting to emerge.  Because we believe that everyone has the ability to achieve greatness.



My team of fitness coaches at Dennis Romatz are passionate, fully qualified, vastly experienced in a multitude of specialist areas.  Our friendly and motivating English speaking male and female personal trainers are dedicated to providing unparalleled workouts and helping you achieve your goals.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build & tone muscle, increase fitness, improve metabolic health, restructure body composition or perform better at your sport, we can help.

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