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Nathan Love

Nathan Love NASM Master Trainer Bangkok

Nathan Love

Nathan is a dedicated fitness coach and fitness industry ambassador focusing on continued education for himself and the coaches working in the fitness industry.  Nathan has 10 years of personal trainer experience.

His mastery of flawless fitness coaching, designing perfect fitness programs, and exercise and human movement techniques provide him with the tools and skills to train all of his clients with a goal-oriented, results-driven focus guaranteed to achieve training success. 


  • NASM Certified Master Trainer

Nathan is our coach who holds the prestigious title of "NASM Master Trainer".  He specializes in all types of physical training including body transformations for male & female, adult & youth clients whether they train at home, or their condo gym.

PT Location:  Bangkok (Sukhumvit, Ekkamai, Thng Lo, On Nut, Wireless Rd., Rama 9, Silom, Sathorn)

PT Experience: Sports Fitness Coaching, Bodybuilding, Strength, Strength & Conditioning, CrossFit, Cardio Workouts, Body Transformation, Boxing For Fitness, Cardio, TRX, Calisthenics, Diet & Nutrition, Coaching Certification Courses, Bootcamps, Postural, Core, Injury Rehab, Corporate Fitness, Worksite Health Promotion, Gym Consulting, Gym Set-Up ADvisor, Gym and Fitness Facilities Management, Cycling, Marathon, Running, Outdoor Fitness, Active Recovery, Mindfulness, Sports Conditioning.

Trains: Men, Ladies, Seniors, Kids, beginners, intermediate, advanced fitness levels, LGBTQ friendly.

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