strength training & weightlifting fitness program with dennis romatz


Increase muscle strength, endurance and performance with a strength & conditioning fitness program by Dennis Romatz

Strength & conditioning for incredible fitness

 You'll get a strength & conditioning fitness training program to increase functional lean muscle mass, strength, endurance and increase your exercise performance.


Whether you want to become a professional at your chosen sport or excel at your favorite workout, you'll get personal training focusing on all the aspects and benefits of a strength & conditioning program.

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What is Strength & Conditioning?

Strength & conditioning is a methodology of exercise that involves fitness training and human movement protocols of resistance training for increase muscle mass, strength & endurance combined with intensity modalities to condition your muscles to performance better, faster, stronger.

The smooth muscles of the heart are also exercised in the form of increased cardio training output for optimal fitness and conditioning.

Increased muscle strength, endurance, functionality and performance combined with increased cardio output makes strength & conditioning one of the most beneficial types of fitness training available.

How I train for strength & conditioning.

How we train for strength & conditioning looks quite intense, but there is a scaled progression which actually begins at your established baseline of muscle performance and fitness level.

Your strength & conditioning training program is periodized and by that I mean there are several periods or phases to your program which can include either heavy weights with low reps to build muscle or lighter weight with higher reps to increase endurance.


I train your muscles first to become more responsive to elicit activity and eventually productivity.

I then progressively overload the resistance weights so that we can build muscle mass and have something to work with.

Thereafter, I get into two phases, one including more reps per set to increase endurance and then continue to overload the resistance weights to build even more muscle mass.  All the while, I perform movement, flexibility and mobility tests to ensure we are getting maximum range of motion with the increased muscle size and mass.

strength & conditioning fitness training with Dennis Romatz