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Dennis Romatz Personal Fitness Trainer

"This guy knows his sh*t"

"Highly recommend"

"I  lost 30 lbs. in 30 days"


The pinnacle of excellence as a personal trainer, holistic wellness specialist & weight loss coach

Dennis Romatz Personal Trainer


Dennis Romatz is the Founder of Dennis Romatz Fitness, including Romatz Holistic Human Performance and the Romatz Weight Loss Method

An Internationally acclaimed personal trainer and fitness industry leader, Dennis is also a nutritionist, sports performance specialist, strength & conditioning coach and specializes in guaranteed weight loss.

With a University Exercise Science & Nutrition education and more than 38 years of personal trainer experience, Dennis has been coaching longer than most coaches have been alive.


Dennis represents the pinnacle of excellence in holistic athletic & human performance, dynamically positioned at the apex of sports science, exercise physiology, sports performance, strength & conditioning, athletic training, general health & fitness protocols, modalities & methodologies, nutrition, recovery & rejuvenation and advanced, comprehensive evaluations and assessments.

Dennis seamlessly integrates all of these independent disciplines into an advanced holistic, human athletic performance training package that is simply unparalleled.

Dennis Romatz personal trainer
Dennis Romatz personal fitness trainer


Widely recognized as a detailed perfectionist steeped in science, Dennis strictly adheres to principles of kinesiology and biomechanics producing perfect workouts with flawless human movement.

His fitness coaching modalities are clinically focused and exercise science based with training methodologies presented in an educational manner providing athletes and clients with an extensive exercise science education providing providing them with the knowledge and tools exercise correctly on their own to maintain their attractive physique, optimized performance and vibrant health.

Dennis uses sports science based training methods to make sure athletes develop and improve speed, agility, strength, power, force, acceleration, mobility, top speed, explosiveness, reaction, conditioning, balance, core stability, confidence, mental toughness, positive nutrition habits, kinesthetic awareness, proprioception, and other relevant variables associated with optimized human athletic training and performance.  Holistic programs, inclusive of all of the aforementioned facets of training are underlined with cellular-specific intentions which are data driven, biometrically tracked, measured, managed and regularly adapted to elicit the desired results.


Dennis is renowned for his professional grade sports training, injury recovery and rehabilitation, pre-season preparation and optimized in-season performance all with proven results.

As a result, Dennis' training portfolio abounds with proven successful results and his services are in high demand in the pro sports and public sectors alike.

Professional and Olympic athletes train with Dennis because they know that they receive the most advanced scientifically based, holistic results driven training.

Dennis Romatz personal trainer
Dennis Romatz Personal Fitness Trainer


Dennis' personalized approach to human and athletic performance training has produced phenomenal results with clients in their pre-season preparation and in-season performance and results.  The same is true of the clients he trains in the public sector for such goals as weight loss and general health and fitness improvement.  Dennis' results driven, proven successful training protocols, modalities and methodologies have Pro, Collegiate, Olympic and aspiring athletes regularly consulting with him and scheduling their off-season training with him well in advance. 


Dennis helps people maximize their workouts and achieve their health & fitness goals faster and safer by designing goal appropriate, personalized fitness training programs, implementing intelligent exercise science based training methodologies, nutritional guidance and coaching them with accountability and encouragement to do the things they wouldn't or couldn't do on their own.


Personal trainer with exceptional and remarkable characteristics of detail oriented expertise, education, motivational skills and versatility, empowering clients to surpass their limits, achieve exceptional results, and transform their lives.

Clinically Focused

My fitness training adheres to the same clinical principles that would be followed by a Doctor or nurse in a hospital relative to how the human body functions and how to treat it's injuries and disfunctions.

Kinesiology Emphasized

I use principles of Kinesiology with exercises to monitor and determine muscle imbalances, weaknesses and/or disorders and ensure proper kinesiology protocols are taken within each exercise to promote perfect human movement.

Exercise Science Based

I apply fitness training and nutrition coaching solutions based on measurable, data driven, comprehensive assessments, exercise testing, performance  analysis and biomechanics.

Biomechanically Correct

I ensure safe, effective fitness training and increase muscular and fitness performance by focusing on muscle shortening & lengthening, joint articulation to produce biomechanically correct human movements.

Naturopathy Centric

I take a disciplined naturopathy approach to get rid of my client's toxicities in air, water, food and negative emotional forces both internal and external.  Clean, pure, natural and organic is the path I follow.


Being holistic in scope, I embrace a comprehensive approach to personal training, integrating fitness, nutrition, wellness and healthy lifestyle behavioral modifications to help clients achieve overall health, fitness and vitality.

"Dennis epitomizes what every personal trainer should be...professional, ethical, educated, experienced, goal oriented and results driven." 
- Tim Hanley, InStyle Magazine

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