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Achieve more with powerful personal training

Dial up your workout performance and amplify your fitness training results with superior personal fitness training based on principles of exercise science and laser focused on your goals. get nutrition coaching within every personal training session!

Get a fantastic fitness training program with me (Dennis) as your personal trainer in Playa Del Carmen & Ho Chi Minh City.

Superior personal training by Dennis Romatz

Superior personal training focused on your goals.

My intelligent and professional science based personal training is the fastest, safest and most effective way to improve your health, increase your fitness and transform your body.

It includes your own personalized, customized fitness training program consisting of exercise testing & assessments, goal targeted program design, progress monitoring as well as nutrition coaching.

You'll also get my expertise, accountability, coaching, education and encouragement to inspire and motivate you to become the best version of your healthy self.

Remember also, that you can train live online with me from anywhere in the world.

Here's  great blog post on why you should personal train with me:

Train smarter with a uniquely designed fitness program.

You'll achieve more with your own personalized, customized, comprehensive, goal appropriate fitness training program supported with nutrition coaching to facilitate super gains. 

Your fitness training program, inclusive of nutrition coaching will be clinically based, exercise science & exercise physiology focused using thorough fitness assessments as the ground work and schematic for designing the perfect, goal appropriate fitness training program.

Your benefits continue into the next phase of the personal training process with the implementation of training biometrically tracked modalities and movement protocols that are safe, effective and designed to move you progressively into new challenges to keep your workouts fresh and exciting with ongoing benefits to your health & fitness levels.

Your customized fitness training program is constantly monitored and includes protocols which are progressively scaled to constantly keep you reaching for new anatomical and physiological levels of achievement as well as overloaded progressively to elicit greater muscle gain.

This laser focused exercise prescription includes both short and long term training goals which helps us focus on each daily workout while also keeping us on track in the bigger picture.

uniquely designed personal training programs by Dennis Romatz Personal Trainer
detailed and complete training formula with Dennis Romatz

Training success starts with a winning formula

Your uniquely designed personal fitness training program starts with a methodical process.   Here's how I do it and how it works.

I have a solid, fundamental exercise science, physiology & nutrition based personal training structure and process which thoroughly covers all of the essential steps in ensuring your fitness training success.


Every client's personal training program starts with a consultation to chat about your issues and define some realistic goals.


We then move to fitness assessments where I perform a battery of tests including body composition testing, body fat measurements, functional movements screens, anatomical (postural, skeletal & muscular) and balance, coordination and agility to analyze neuromuscular responses and activities.  I also perform a nutrition and dietary screen to analyze problematic behaviors with your food consumption.

These thorough assessments provides me with the necessary data and information I need to accurately diagnose any issues and intelligently design the most effective, goal targeted fitness training program so you can train safely, effectively and reap the benefits of intelligent personal training.

Have a look at my personal training checklist blog post which highlights just how thoroughly detailed my personal training is.

Additionally, these assessments allow me the opportunity to assess your physique for any serious issues or rehabilitation you may need for anatomical issues you may not be aware of.

My superpower ensures your success.

Let's get real for a moment...a personal trainer has to know the human body if they're going to try to improve someone's health & fitness.

How deep a trainer can go depends on his or her depth and scope of formal anatomy, physiology and kinesiology education.


Fortunately, I am University clinically educated in exercise science & nutrition and I train my clients as such.

Adhering to the knowledge and laws of clinical science, exercise physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics ensures that all your fitness training protocols are intelligent in design and correct in application thus guaranteeing and always yielding safe training and successful results.

Principles of clinical and sport sciences are utilized in all of my client's workouts to initiate acute responses to their activity which I can then scale progressively to elicit positive chronic adaptations to their exercise all while getting stronger, fitter, healthier and achieving their goals.

Dennis Romatz Univ. educated Exercise science & nutrition personal trainer

Choose your personal fitness training style

1 on 1 personal training with Dennis Romatz

1 X 1 Personal Training

Get private, exclusive fitness training sessions with me with your own, personalized, customized fitness training program unique to your individual goals.

One on one personal fitness training allows me to allocate my undivided attention to your every need during your entire 60 minute personal training workout.

2 on 1 semi private personal training with Dennis Romatz

2 X 1 Semi Private Personal Training

Two on one semi private personal training with a friend, family member or colleague who have the same or similar goals is a great way to train with the added support.


Semi private personal training with just two persons allows me to design your fitness program targeting your shared goals while still focusing on each individual person's special needs.

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Need in-home personal training?  I come to you!

Train conveniently at the location of your choice with my concierge style of personal fitness training.

I'm a mobile, freelance personal trainer which means I can come to you anywhere to deliver the absolute best method of fitness training available.

  • Condo & apartment gym personal training

  • In-home & villa personal training

  • Resort & hotel personal training

  • Beach personal training

  • Private gym training

  • Fitness studio training

Personal training in Ho Chi Minh City

Personal training in Chicago

Personal training in Playa Del Carmen

Personal training in Bangkok

Personal training in Phnom Penh


Get phenomenal results with my professional personal training team.

My personal trainer team is staffed with experienced, highly qualified, certified fitness coaches in both Phuket and Bangkok locations.

You'll get to choose which fitness coach you want to work with.

All of my staff fitness trainers have varying degrees of formal Exercise Science & Nutrition education, personal trainer certifications and years of practical training experience, thus they are all priced differently and accordingly.​

See my personal trainers in Ho Chi Minh City here  >

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I'll help you get started with personal training in Phuket

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