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Intense personal training Workout with Dennis Romatz Fitness in Bangkok


Condo gym and/or in-home personal fitness training will provide the convenience and consistency you need to have more time for your workout, stay accountable and get phenomenal workout results.

Experience Powerful, World Class Personal Training.

Power up your workout performance and amplify your fitness training results with superior personal fitness training based on principles of exercise science and laser focused on your goals. get nutrition coaching within every personal training session!

Clinically Focused, Exercise Science Based Personal Training.

My in-home and condo gym personal fitness training is a clinically focused, exercise science based method of fitness training which utilizes thorough assessments to analyze your body and design your personalized training program, exercise physiology to work with your bodies systems and kinesiology for perfect biomechanics with every exercise.

All of your personal training is biometrically tracked and progressively scaled according to your progressions literally guaranteeing your training success and goal achievement.

Mine is an unparalleled personal fitness training experience that'll restore your faith in achieving your goals and that anything is possible.

Best of all, I come to your apartment, condo gym or in-home to perform your training!

Holistic Personal Training.
Life Changing Results

Discover how easy it is to reshape your body, boost your health and live a healthy lifestyle with my intelligent, unparalleled, life changing producing personal fitness training.

Transform Body

Get the dream body you desire.

  • Reduce weight & shed body fat

  • Realign & re-structure body composition

  • Increase muscle strength & tone

Improve Your Health

Increase health & fitness.

  • Exercise Daily

  • Eat healthy & sensibly

  • Get more hours of deep sleep

Develop Healthy Lifestyle

Mold healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Exercise Daily

  • Eat healthy & sensibly

  • Get more hours of deep sleep

Personal Training For All Goals.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, boost your cardio, gain lean muscle mass, rehab an injury or all of the above, you'll be able to workout with a program targeting your goals and most definitely achieve them.

Get a free consultation  >

Lose Weight

  • Lower body weight

  • Reduce body fat %

  • Reshape your body composition​

Boost Cardio

  • Increase cardio fitness, VO2 & aerobic capacity

  • Increase oxygenated blood circulation from heart to extremities

  • Increase your heart health, energy level and performance

Gain Muscle

  • Build muscle mass, strength, size & flexibility​

  • Increase muscle performance & functionality

  • Increase muscle strength for postural support

Choose Your Personal Fitness Training Style.

apartment gym & in-home personal training

In-Home & Apartment Gym Training For Ultimate Convenience.

At Dennis Romatz Fitness, I know convenience is key so my staff personal trainers, fitness coaches and I specialize in condo gym & in-home personal training in.

You choose your training location.  I come to you! 

See Condo Gym Training  >

condo gym & in-home personal training in Bangkok

Personal Training is Easy.
Here's How It Works.

Whether you've worked with a personal trainer in the past or if it's your first time, I make the process quick & easy to get you started properly.

1 / Initial Consultation

After a quick phone call, we schedule a meet & greet where I'll listen to your goals, exercise hindrances, food consumption patterns and strategize a plan for success.  The builds a solid foundation for your  blueprint for success.

3 / Exercise Program Design

I analyze the assessment data and design the most effective, efficient, goal appropriate fitness training, nutrition and lifestyle program to maximize your workouts and achieve successful results.

2 / Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Assessments

I perform comprehensive fitness assessments to analyze and diagnose with precision accuracy, any anatomical issues, underperforming physiological processes and detrimental dietary habits.

4 / Body Transformation

Start your fitness training workout program, nutrition coaching & body transformation, achieve your health & fitness goals and experience that "WOW' moment.

Intelligent Personal Training Features.

You're guaranteed to achieve phenomenal results when you train according to my intelligent, clinical and science based fitness training methodologies.

Clinically Focused

My fitness training adheres to the same clinical principles that would be followed by a Doctor or nurse in a hospital relative to how the human body functions and how to treat it's injuries and disfunctions.

Exercise Science Based

I apply fitness training and nutrition coaching solutions based on measurable, data driven, comprehensive assessments, exercise testing, performance  analysis and biomechanics.

Naturopathy Centric

I take a disciplined naturopathy approach in an attempt to get rid of my client's toxicities in air, water, food and negative emotional forces both internal and external.  Clean, pure, natural, organic and unadulterated is the path I follow.

Kinesiology Emphasized

I use principles of Kinesiology with exercises to monitor and determine muscle imbalances, weaknesses and/or disorders and ensure proper kinesiology protocols are taken within each exercise to promote perfect human movement.

Biomechanically Correct

I ensure safe, effective fitness training and increase muscular and fitness performance by focusing on muscle shortening & lengthening, joint articulation to produce biomechanically correct human movements.

Biometrically Tracked

Each client I train is connected to wearable heart rate tracking technology which measures, in real time, heart rate, caloric expenditure and training intensity zones to ensure they are always training in the heart rate zone relevant to their health & fitness goals.

Workout & Training Styles To Match Your Goals.

You'll get your own goal matched personalized, customized, comprehensive fitness workout training style designed based on data and analysis collected from fitness assessments so you'll always be training correctly.

weight loss with Dennis Romatz Fitness

Weight Loss

Lose weight, reduce body fat and change your body shape & composition.

Cardio fitness training with Dennis Romatz Fitness


Increase your cardiorespiratory fitness, boost energy and become heart healthy.

Functional fitness training with Dennis Romatz Fitness

Functional Training

Increase total body strength, endurance and stamina to perform optimally.

sports performance fitness training with Dennis Romatz Fitness

Sports Performance

Boost your performance and become a top tier athlete in your chosen sport.

Strength & conditioning training with Dennis Romat Fitness

Strength & Conditioning

Increase muscle strength, endurance and tone to create and adonis type body.

Physiotherapy and injury rehab with Dennis Romatz Fitness

Physio & Rehab

Eradicate injuries, eliminate pain and rehabilitate musculoskeletal issues. 

Dennis Romatz personal training price


Pricing, Plans & Packages

View my personal fitness training plans and select the package that works best for your schedule and budget.

My Bangkok Personal Training Service Areas.

I provide personal training in Bangkok at all condo gyms within a 5 kilometer radius of the Sukhumvit Road & Asoke Road intersection.

I also train clients at Iron Fit Gym and Elite Training Center.

Iron Fit Gym

93,95 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Soi Aree, Khlong Tan Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok 10110

Elite Training Center

758/22 Waterford Diamond Tower 10th Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 30/1, 

Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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