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Achieve better fitness training results in the privacy of your home with Online Personal Training from Dennis Romatz anywhere in the world

Expert Personal Trainer Online

Working with Dennis as your online personal trainer is your opportunity to train with one of the best personal trainers in the world in the comfort of your home.

With Dennis' online personal training, you get thorough tests, screens & assessments, goal specific training program design and exercise science based training protocols supported with online nutrition coaching, motivation and accountability.

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Online Personal Fitness Training & Online Nutrition Coaching Explained

Online personal training is an easy, convenient method of fitness training, exercising and working out in the comfort of your home or desired location with Dennis as your personal trainer.

The online personal training methodology is easy in scope and requires only your small space to exercise, a device with a camera and a video app.

How online training works is simple.  You schedule your online training sessions with Dennis, place a video call with him and start exercising!


Online Personal Training Equipment Dennis Uses

Your online workouts with Dennis are laser focused and very specific to your health & fitness goals.  Therefore, the fitness equipment required may vary from person to person.

Dennis fitness clients only need a small open space such as your living room, water bottle of various sizes and weights, a yoga mat or rug, a step or small bench and some fitness resistance bands.

Generally speaking, the fitness equipment needed for online personal training at home can be purchased inexpensively on amazon or at Walmart, Decathlon Stores or the like or can be free by using water bottles.

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Online Personal Trainer For All Health & Fitness Goals

Dennis trains his online virtual fitness clients for a variety of goals.

As is the case, most people train for the three primary goals of weight loss and body fat reduction, increased cardiovascular & cardiorespiratory endurance and muscle growth & muscle endurance.

Dennis is able to design online workouts for at you home for every goal just the same as he does with is in-personal personal training.

The beauty of online personal training at home is that Dennis' clients learn how to establish exercise patterns and behaviors and understand that exercising and being healthy does not require a gym.

Online Personal Training Methods & Options

Dennis provides three main options for online personal training and virtual workouts to accommodate each persons needs and to make exercising at home easy, convenient and effective.

  1. Live Online Personal Training

  2. Hybrid Online Personal Training

  3. Personalized Online Personal Training 

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Ready To Start Online Personal Training?

Getting started with online personal training with Dennis is quick, easy and free.

Simply call, send an sms or email to get started with your free trial personal training session.