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Online Personal Trainer
Virtual Fitness Coach

I make working out convenient and exciting with live online personal training & virtual fitness coaching sessions from anywhere in the world

Live online personal trainer & virtual fitness training coach Dennis Romatz
Lady working out at home with online personal fitness trainer Dennis Romatz


Get Your Dream Body
With Online Fitness Training

Experience how easy & convenient it is to get incredible body transformations, increased fitness & significantly improved health with my affordable live online personal training & virtual fitness training.

Train using just your phone from anywhere in the world and get a clinically focused, exercise science based, data driven, biometrically tracked, goal targeted online fitness training program with disciplined accountability and loads of encouragement & motivation to help you succeed.

Online ersonal fitness training with Dennis Romatz explained


Online Personal Fitness Training Is Here!

Live online & virtual fitness training is a convenient method of fitness training using a device with a video app.

I'm on one side performing my personal trainer duties and you're on the other side exercising right along with me.

It's all live in real time and can take place anywhere in the world from your home, living room, garage or in any spot you choose to workout using just minimal amount of fitness training equipment.

My live online personal training & virtual fitness coaching allows you to workout conveniently and effectively at home online without wasting travel time or incurring gym fees.


You get all of the benefits of personal training without the wasted travel time and costly gym fees.

Who Is Online Personal Training & Virtual Fitness Coaching For?

Online personal training & fitness coaching is perfect for you if you don't like the gym, don't want to travel to  gym, don't like sweaty beaches, don't like dealing with people leaving their weights on the bar.

Hey, sometimes people just want to be alone when they workout.  I get it!

The older I get, the more privacy I want.  Maybe you don't want people looking at you when you exercise.  I get that too!

Online personal training & virtual fitness coaching offers exactly the privacy and exclusivity you want at a lower price you'll love.

dennis romatz online vitual fitness coach & personal trainer.png


Online Fitness Training Curated For You

Train with me live online or have me design a fitness training program you can do on your own. Both online training styles include complimentary daily nutrition coaching for maximum goal achievement.

superior online personal fitness trainer Dennis Romatz

Get Phenomenal Results with a Superior Online Personal Trainer

I'm (Dennis Romatz) an online personal trainer specializing in Live Online Fitness Training and Virtual Fitness Training & Coaching.

I provide my online fitness training services to folks all over the world in all cities, locations and times zones.

With more than 36 years of personal trainer experience, I'm widely recognized as a detailed perfectionist strictly adhering to principles of kinesiology and biomechanics producing perfect online fitness workouts with flawless human movement.  

My online & virtual fitness training modalities are clinically focused and exercise science based with training methodologies presented in an educational manner providing my clients with the tools to learn how to exercise correctly and train on their own.


Goal Oriented, Results Driven Personal Trainer

As an Internationally acclaimed personal trainer, my reputation and the success of my business is on the line with every training session I perform.

My new clients come from referrals and positive word of mouth so for me, there is no room for error and no bad performances.

My clients pay me to be the driving force behind their transformations, reinventions and total make-overs, so it is with this urgency that I am completely focused and 100% dedicated to every one of my clients achieving their goals.

Clinically Focused, Exercise Science Based Online Personal Training

My live online personal fitness training, with it's 100% success rate, is a clinical based method of exercising using a solid, fundamental platform of exercise testing for exacting program design with goal appropriate, bio metrically tracked, progressively scaled training methodologies matched with motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

Mine is an unparalleled online personal fitness training experience that'll restore your faith in achieving your goals and that anything is possible.

Best of all, you can train from your living room, bedroom, garage or anywhere you choose to train!

Clinically focused, exercise science based online personal training with Dennis Romatz

Online Fitness Training is Easy.
Here's How It Works.


Fitness Assessments

We'll jump on a video call, discuss your health & fitness goals, get thorough fitness assessments, create a winning strategy.

  • Get a free trial session

  • Discuss your body & health goals & needs

  • Get fitness assessments & exercise tests


Training Program Design

After defining your goals and getting assessed, I'll design your personalized, customized, goal targeted, exercise science based fitness training program.

  • Analyze fitness assessment data & results

  • Design fitness training program

  • Design nutrition coaching & dietary program


Body Transformation

Start your training & body transformation, achieve fitness goals and experience that "WOW' moment.

  • Start fitness training, nutrition coaching​

  • Scale training program & increase fitness 

  • Attain your transformed dream body 

online personal trainer & virtual fitness coach Dennis Romatz

Virtual Personal Training Features.
Here's What's Included.

With my online / virtual personal fitness training, you'll get thorough fitness assessments, a goal targeted fitness training program and one on one personal training at home online by a World Class certified personal trainer at a great price with guaranteed results.​

You'll also get my expertise, accountability, motivation and encouragement to keep you excited and motivated to crush every workout.​​

  • Comprehensive Fitness Assessments

  • Personalized Fitness Training Programs

  • Accountability

  • Motivation

Dennis Romatz online personal trainer price


Simple, Transparent Pricing

View my online personal fitness training plans and select the package that works best for your schedule and budget.

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