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I make working out at easy, convenient and exciting with live online personal training & vurtual fitness coaching sessions from your home or anywhere you choose to train.

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Discover Powerful World Class
Live Online Personal Training
Virtual Fitness Coaching

Experience my live online personal training & virtual fitness coaching, the most effective, affordable and convenient and cost-effective method of personal training available to achieve the body transformation results you want and the improved health you need.

Train using just your phone from anywhere in the world and get a clinically focused, exercise science based, data driven, biometrically tracked, goal targeted online fitness training program with disciplined accountability and loads of encouragement & motivation to help you succeed.

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What is live online personal training & fitness coaching?

Live online virtual personal training is a convenient method of fitness training using a device with a video app.

I'm on one side performing my personal trainer duties and you're on the other side exercising right along with me.

It's all live in real time and can take place anywhere in the world from your home, living room, garage or in any spot you choose to workout using just minimal amount of fitness training equipment.

Who Is Online Personal Training & Virtual Fitness Coaching For?

Online personal training & fitness coaching is perfect for you if you don't like the gym, don't want to travel to  gym, don't like sweaty beaches, don't like dealing with people leaving their weights on the bar.

Hey, sometimes people just want to be alone when they workout.  I get it!

The older I get, the more privacy I want.  Maybe you don't want people looking at you when you exercise.  I get that too!

Online personal training & virtual fitness coaching offers exactly the privacy and exclusivity you want at a lower price you'll love.

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Here's How Online / Virtual
Personal Training Works.



We'll do a live virtual meet & greet for a comprehensive discussion on your health & fitness goals, exercise patterns, eating habits, what's holding you back from exercising and devise a strategy for success.


Fitness Assessments

I'll perform a series of fitness assessments, functional movement screens and scrutinize your physique for any anatomical & skeletal issues you may not be aware of, establishing a baseline for fitness training.


Fitness Program Design

I gather the fitness assessment data & analysis and then design your personalized, comprehensive fitness training program customized to target your unique individual goals, needs and requirements.


Training & Transformation

I'll start your training at intensities congruent with your current fitness abilities and levels, monitor your progressions, overload your intensities, scale greater challenges to elicit fitness increases and improved health measures.


Nutrition & Meal Plans

I'll monitor and scrutinize your physical exercise performance & recovery and start to make macro nutrient adjustments with ratios and quantities of carbs, protein & fats and devise to maximize performance, recovery and optimal health.


Healthy Behavior Mapping

I'll introduce and implement tactics & strategies to elicit and reinforce healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors including mitigating past traumas, deeper sleep, meditation, elevating mental confidence & positivity and strengthening your resolve to be healthy.

Here's how live online fitness training works.

Simply contact me to do a virtual meet and greet to discuss your goals, logistics like where you will train and which pieces of equipment you will need for your training sessions.

I perform thorough fitness assessments, functional movements screen and discuss your nutrition habits if needed.

Goal targeted fitness training proceeds and is monitored and progressively scaled according to your progress quite the same as in person training.

I use Line App for my live online virtual fitness training.  It is encrypted, private and safe, however we can use another video application if you prefer.

here's how online personal training works

You Have Body & Health Issues.
I have Online Personal Training Solutions!

Transform Body Shape

  • Reduce weight & shed body fat

  • Realign & re-structure body composition

  • Increase muscle strength & flexibility

Improve Your Health

  • Increase fitness & energy levels

  • Boost immune system

  • Improve general health & wellness

Develop Healthy Lifestyle

  • Exercise daily​

  • Eat healthy & sensibly

  • Get more hours of deeper sleep

online personal trainer & virtual fitness coach Dennis Romatz

Virtual Personal Training Features.
Here's What's Included.

With my online / virtual personal fitness training, you'll get thorough fitness assessments, a goal targeted fitness training program and one on one personal training at home online by a World Class certified personal trainer at a great price with guaranteed results.

You'll also get my expertise, accountability, motivation and encouragement to keep you excited and motivated to crush every workout.

Fitness Assessments, Tests, Movement Screens

Get started properly with thorough exercise tests & fitness assessments to diagnose what needs to be corrected.

Personalized Fitness Training Program Design

Train smarter, get better results with your own personalized fitness training program designed to match your goals.

Exercise Science Based Training Methods

Perform every exercise perfectly with kinesiology based, biomechanically correct movement techniques.

Accountability, Inspiration, Motivation, Encouragement

You get inspiration, motivation and push you need to do the exercises & workouts you wouldn't do on your own.

Nutrition Coaching, Meal Plans & Food Support

Nutrition coaching with daily meals so you can mold your eating pattern for optimal health & fitness training goal support.

24/7/365 Online Text Messaging Support

You'll have unlimited access to me with instant messaging support to answer questions and help stay focused.

Plans & Pricing

Choose the online / virtual personal training package & plan that works best for you.

Plans & Pricing

Fitness train live online from anywhere in the world.

I provide my live online personal training to my clients all over the world, in every continent, every country as long as you have a device, internet connection and a desire to achieve your health & fitness goals.

You can train globally from anywhere in the world.

Time zones are never an issue.  I train at all hours of the day!

Now, you can have your own private personal trainer live online whenever you want to exercise.

online virtual personal fitness training from anywhere in the world
Online personal training from anywhere in the world

Online personal fitness training packs a punch!

My live online fitness coaching is really very similar to in person training.


You get the same clinical based fitness training including fitness assessments, goal appropriate training program design, exercises, and progressively overloaded and scaled training intensities.

Bonus...I'm right there on the other side of the video screen empowering you with encouragement and motivation along with the fitness education of how to perform every exercise and movement correctly.

If there was one good thing that came out of Covid, its that people discovered that you really can fitness train online and achieve all your goals!

Online personal training is a wise investment in your health.

Never before has having your very own personal fitness trainer been so easy and affordable.

Investing in your health, fitness & wellness is now a sound, solid investment you can feel good about.

Payment for live online personal training is easy.

I use Wise which makes paying for and transferring personal training package money quick and easy from anywhere in the world.

See my online fitness training prices here.

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Train with the fitness program that matches your goals.

With online personal training & virtual fitness coaching, you'll get the perfect fitness training program to match your goals and needs.

I'll help you get started with online personal training

Have online fitness training questions?
I can help.

Browse my frequently asked questions page here to get more help.

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