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Online fitness coach Dennis Romatz

Online Fitness Coaching

I help people of all ages and genders get in the best shape of their lives with online fitness coaching.

Tired of trying to figure fitness out on your own?

"Following the wrong training plan or going it alone is like being a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.  Let me design a personalized and optimized workout routine for you and fast-track your progress." 

- Dennis

I make your workouts easier

Put an end to the guesswork and frustration with a bespoke fitness training plan from an expert online personal trainer.

Systems-based training roadmap

I bring clarity to your workouts by giving you a holistic fitness & lifestyle roadmap with effective fitness solutions supported by proven results-based systems and strategies so you can take charge of your training and get amazing results, faster. 

Craft the body you want!

Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, improve metabolic health, increase energy, get better at your sport, fix an injury, focus on pre or post-natal fitness, or learn Muay Thai Kickboxing, I've got you covered!  I'll get you quickly to that "WOW" moment when you look in the mirror and love your body!

Tired lady at a commercial gym

Tired of spinning your wheels with no progress?

Don't like gyms?  Feel self-conscious or shy at gyms?  Feel overwhelmed with all the equipment at gyms?  Prefer to exercise at home with more privacy?​​  We have the perfect training method for you!  

Hi, I'm Dennis Romatz.  My online fitness coaching, exercise science-based approach to fitness training allows people like you to finally achieve their dream body and optimal health with less time and less effort than you ever thought possible.  Best of can do it online from your home! 

Discover A Better Way To Get In Shape With Less Effort, Faster

Have you been to a commercial gym lately?  It's a shit show full of influencers, fake online fitness coaches, Instagramers, narcissists, and annoying people with tripods set up like it's a photography studio.  Hey, sometimes people want to be alone when they work out.  I get it!

My Online fitness training & fitness coaching is perfect for you if you don't like the gym, don't want to travel to a gym, don't like sweaty benches, don't like dealing with people leaving their weights on the bar, and like I just said, the idiots...eeesh!  Online fitness training offers exactly the atmosphere of privacy and exclusivity you want at a lower price you'll love.

Experience An Online Training Program That Will 50X Your Results

My online coaching lets you train with just a device and a tripod from anywhere in the world.  Any day of the week, any time you desire.  I use goal-targeted exercises, proven successful holistic training methodologies, and expert coaching dialed up with inspiration and motivation to maximize your results.  Nothing is left up to chance.  There's no guesswork.  Your virtual workout experience is designed to give maximum results in less time.  Getting fit fast has never been easier!

Online fitness coaching 3 ways

Live Online Training

​Work out with me live online and get the benefits of my online fitness training​ in real-time on the other side of the video screen with a training program designed to match your goals.

Get a Free Trial >

Virtual Coaching

Get a personalized, goal-specific online fitness training program that you can do on your own with weekly progress and monitoring check-ins.


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Hybrid Training

Train with me both live online and in person.  Get in-person training as well as online coaching.  Hybrid is a great online training option for folks who want program guidance and the rest online.

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Real online coaching clients. Real results.

"Dennis' live online training allows me to train from my device at home saving me time, allowing me to train more consistency with better workout results.  Online fitness training ticks all m fitness boxes."

Betsy online ersonal training client testimonial

Betsy Kimmel

United Nations

Verified User

"Dennis' live online fitness coaching is great.  He's so knowledgeable about the body.  He explains his exercises so well and I get great results and have seen a huge improvement in my body so quickly.

Nalisa online personal training client testimonial

Nalisa Sitabut

Nalisa & Associates

Verified User

Price, Plans & Packages

Value-based, affordable online personal trainer prices with flexible training plans and packages for every budget, schedule, and goal.



Each online personal training session is $55 with a package of 10 training sessions.


Valid for 30 days.



Each online personal training session is $50 with a package of 20 training sessions.

Valid for 60 days.



Each online personal training session is $45 with a package of 30 training sessions


Valid for 90 days.

Get started for free

Try a free online trial session to learn about our process and how we go about getting you fit.  Purchase a prepaid training package plan to go all-in and start getting in shape.


How does online fitness coaching and virtual fitness work?

How online coaching and virtual fitness training works is similar to in-person fitness training only we do it via a device with an internet connection and video app.

  • Contact me to schedule your free trial session

  • We meet online and chat about your current health condition and realistic goals

  • We discuss your nutrition and food consumption

  • I perform exercise tests & fitness assessments

  • I design your personalized, goal-appropriate fitness training program

  • Based on your fitness training program, I then tell you what equipment you'll need

  • We fitness train and I monitor your progress

  • As you progress, I adjust and scale your training program to further challenge you

What goals can I train for with online training?

You can train for all health & fitness goals with my live online personal fitness training. I can use my online personal fitness training platform to train my clients for every imaginable health & fitness goal.

My virtual fitness training is the same as in person with my gym training so you can imagine all of the training possibilities in the comforts of your home!

That being said, weight loss, increased cardio endurance and increased muscle strength and endurance are the most popular online workout goals.

What equipment do I need for online training?

Online personal fitness training requires very little equipment.

The fitness equipment you will need for your training will depend on your particular health & fitness goals. I first discuss your goals and do a fitness assessment, I design your fitness training program and then I can describe the equipment you will need according to your training program. Generally speaking, my clients do not need much equipment and what you need can be purchased at Decathlon Stores or by ordering online.

How much does an online fitness coach cost?

My live online coaching starts at $45 per session.

The price varies depending on the session package size you purchase.

I have listed my online training prices in detail so you can see your options and choose the package size that works best for you.

Dennis Romatz award-winning online fitness coach
Dennis Romatz award - best personal trainer in the world photo

Award-Winning Personal Trainer

At Dennis Romatz, my relentless pursuit of personal trainer perfection earned me prestigious accolades from industry experts and also showcases the unique intersection of exercise science education, experience, and proven effective training methodologies.

Trusted by professionals at leading companies

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