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Free Trial Session

Get A Free Personal Trainer!

Get a complimentary, 100% free trial personal training session with Dennis Romtaz or with one of our highly qualified coaches.

Start your fitness journey for free with Dennis Romatz, the acclaimed personal trainer recognized among the world's elite by the Institute of Personal Trainers.  Now, you have the privilege of experiencing a free personal training session with the maestro himself at Dennis Romatz Fitness in Bangkok.  Discover the unparalleled expertise that earned him a spot among the top 20 personal trainers globally in 2020.  Your path to fitness excellence begins with this extraordinary opportunity.

Start your fitness training with a free trial session!

Offer ends May 31, 2024.

The purpose of your free trial: Why it's important

  1. Establish a Connection and Bond: The primary purpose of your free trial training session is to forge a connection and bond between you and Dennis or one of our team trainers you may choose to work with.  This session goes beyond exercises; it's an opportunity to meet, understand each other, and assess if our personalities align seamlessly.  Creating a strong connection sets the foundation for working together synergistically, ensuring an enjoyable,  positive, collaborative fitness journey.

  2. Assess, Analyze, Diagnose, and Design: Utilizing the free trial session, we seize the opportunity to assess, analyze, diagnose, and design the best training program for you.  This intelligent and efficient approach ensures your fitness journey is personalized and optimized for your unique needs.  Our comprehensive assessments enable us to pinpoint specific areas that may need attention.  Whether it's addressing muscle imbalances, weaknesses, or mobility issues, we tailor your training to correct and enhance your overall functional fitness.

What's included in your free trial session

Comprehensive Fitness Assessments & Evaluations with Functional Movement Screen: Dive deep into your fitness journey with thorough assessments and evaluations, including a Functional Movement Screen. Uncover areas for improvement and set the foundation for a personalized training plan.  These assessments form the foundation for our training and live online fitness coaching that sets the gold standard for fitness in Bangkok.

Nutrition & Dietary Screening: Elevate your health and fitness with a detailed nutrition and dietary screening. Discover tailored recommendations that complement your training, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being.

Lifestyle Assessments: Your fitness journey is unique, and so is your lifestyle. Benefit from personalized lifestyle assessments that factor in your daily routines, stressors, and habits. This comprehensive understanding shapes a fitness plan designed specifically for you.

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