weight loss fitness program with dennis romatz


Start losing weight today with a weight loss fitness program targeting body fat with Dennis Romatz

Start losing weight today!

You'll lose all the weight you want with a dedicated clinical based, biometrically tracked weight loss fitness training program supported with nutrition coaching and healthy lifestyles management mentoring.

weight loss fitness traiing with Dennis Romatz

Get rid of body fat and lose weight.

Weight loss in fitness training is defined by the sustainable reduction of stored body fat resulting in a lighter body weight with a lower body fat percentage and a change in body composition.

My weight loss fitness training programs are not simply weight loss via reduction of water weight which occurs with improper training intensities ie; too much HIIT with a high heart rate causing  a lot of short term sweating and dehydration.

How I help people lose weight.

Weight Loss is the most popular fitness training goal and honestly, really very easy!  95% of my clients ask for weight loss specific training so it's no secret why I'm so good at reducing body weight and body size. 

I utilize Low Intensity Steady State training keeping your heart rate between 128 - 132 beats per minute to ensure that you are always in a heart rate zone which is using subcutaneous and visceral body fat as a fuel to create energy to burn calories guaranteeing weight loss.

60 minutes of training at 128 - 132 beats per minute yields about 520 k/Cals which is about 1.5 pounds of weight loss per week if training consistently.

I also use higher intensity training in certain situations where I need to increase a client's fitness level so they are able and capable of burning 500 calories in a workout.

I can tailor a personalized weight loss program for each individual client so that we target weight loss as well as perform a workout which is exciting and fresh.

I supplement every weight loss specific fitness training program with nutritional guidance, meal plans and food education.

It is absolutely imperative that our clients understand the significance of the foods they eat and how they effect their body fat percentages and ultimately their weight.

I monitor our client's daily food intake during each fitness training session.  I also chart weekly and monthly food consumption to get a clear understanding of weight loss amounts during strict days and cheat days.

Food recommendations are made on a daily basis according to your body's reaction and recovery for each workout and as we scale the intensity to achieve more caloric deficiency for greater weight loss.