strength training & weightlifting fitness program with dennis romatz


Get a strength training program to get stronger, more functional muscles

Build your body with strength training

Build lean, functional muscle.  Increase muscle strength and endurance with strength training.

You'll get more muscle mass in a shorter period of time with my strength training program supplemented with daily nutrition coaching targeting protein dense foods which help to grow and increase muscle strength.

You'll Get a strength training program which uses appropriate weights & resistance and varies your repetitions per set to build muscle mass, increase muscle endurance or elevate muscle performance.

strength training fitness program with personal trainer Dennis Romatz

Strength training explained.

My strength training is a method of exercising using progressively heavier or overloaded weigh resistance to elicit muscle growth.

Strength training programs for most people include resistance sets with a lower to medium (7 - 10) reps per set with a heavier weight or approximately 70 - 85% of maximum capability.

Strength training lends itself to personal training and benefits are enhanced with a personal trainer as you can do more weight and more repetitions per set with the assistance of personal trainer as a spotter.

Who is strength training for?

Strength training is for anyone, including male, female, youth and Senior's alike who want to gain muscle strength, size, endurance and functionality.

Everyone can and should be including strength training into their gym routine, exercise and workouts.  As well, everyone can benefit from strength training.  Building functional muscle and increasing strength provides more support for your skeletal system, aligns posture and improves joint articulation patterns.

strength training is for everyone. educated Exercise science & nutrition personal trainer