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nutrition coaching with Dennis Romatz Fitness in Bangkok


Optimize your health, boost performance, eat sensibly and live well with my nutrition coaching.

Live Well with Nutrition Coaching.

You'll get a comprehensive nutrition coaching program including daily meal plans specific to your health needs and fitness training goals, food recommendations dietary support, food education by a World class personal trainer Dennis Romatz for a value based price at your condo gym in Bangkok with guaranteed results.


Holistic, Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching.  

Select the nutrition coaching category which you feel you need the most help with.  This helps me design the perfect nutrition program specific to your needs.

Spoiler alert...I'm going to include all aspects of nutrition caching into your programs to guarantee perfection!

Each client I train gets a comprehensive, holistic-integrated nutrition coaching program package comprised of all of the critical aspects of proper food selection, meal plans and making smart food choices.

Here's what's included..

  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Daily Meal Plans

  • Dietary Recommendations

  • Food Education

  • Grocery Store Tours

  • Positive Food Behavioral Mapping Strategies

  • Raw Foods

  • Pescatarian, Vegan, Vegetarian

  • Paleo

  • Intermittent Fasting 

  • Ketosis

  • Macronutrient Ratios

  • Micronutrient Inclusion

how nutrition coaching works with dennis romatz fitness

Here's How Nutrition Coaching Works.

Your nutrition coaching starts with an initial meet & greet to discuss your health & fitness goals as they relate to your food consumption and eating patterns.

I gather information collected from a series of questions relating to your food purchases and consumption, daily eating patterns, habits as well as analyze any deficiencies in micro nutrients and imbalances in macro nutrient ratios.

Your meal plans are then devised based on need, requirements and are adjusted daily according to your performance and recovery.

Plant based nutritional coaching

Dennis Romatz Fitness offers nutritional guidance within every personal fitness training session for every client we train.

We make food consumption recommendations based on your particular training goals and physiological requirements.

We teach our clients and educate them on the benefits of including micronutrients, macronutrients, immune boosters and antioxidants into their daily food consumption. 

We also provide nutritional guidance, meal plans and food education for fitness training goal support so that they can achieve their goals quicker while improving their daily human performance and quality of life.

Nutritional coaching for life

We provide nutritional guidance for each of our fitness training clients.  We do this in real time during every personal training session.  Our trainers discuss your food consumption on a daily basis and make recommendations for either deleting or adding certain foods based on your requirements.​

Our approach to nutritional guidance is to help shape your daily meal plans so that they include the most impactful foods for your needs and goals.  We strive to to teach our clients how to make every meal count as a benefit to your functional systems.  Nutritional guidance is vital for weight loss & body fat reduction.

Daily meal plans

We provide Meal Plans with every fitness training client during every fitness training session on a daily basis so that we can create and mold disciplined food consumption behaviors which will enhance human performance, increase prevention and boost consistent daily performance.​

We help our clients eat consistently healthy as a component of our food education programs by tracking daily food consumption and scheduling proper foods according to their needs during fitness training or otherwise.​

Meal plans are an important aspects of fitness goal achievement.

Food intake is best managed and results are more beneficial when broken down into smaller chunks and taken day by day.

Win each day's meals and food consumption consistently and you will eventually win each week, month, quarter and year.

Nutritional requirements always change according to daily activity intensities and durations so our most intelligent route is to be flexible and feed your body and give it the nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and high performance calories it needs within each day.



Food behavior modifications

You'll get the tools to mold new, healthy food behaviors with daily meal plans highlighting the good foods you've as eaten and more importantly the bad foods.  I'll help you avoid the junk food!

I chart and monitor your food intake on a daily basis which provides me the tools to really analyze and dissect your diet and then make the appropriate changes.

Food behavior modification is one of the most important aspects of learning ho to eat sensibly every day not just for your health, but also to help with your workout energy, performance and recovery.

Food education for life

We offer Food Education as part of every fitness training program for goal support and sustainable daily, optimal health. 

We teach our clients about proper foods to be eaten as well as foods which are to never be consumed and the reasons why.​

We teach about macro nutrients, micro nutrients, immune system boosters and antioxidants which can all enhance your health & wellness and provide prevention.​

We also educate on the processed and sugar laden foods and their detriment to your health.

Giving You The Tools To Eat Sensibly &  Live Vibrantly.

My nutrition coaching provides you with the healthiest possible nutrition plan whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or become healthier.

It includes your own daily meal plans, dietary recommendations, food education, grocery store tours and sensible food consumption behavioral mapping.

You'll also get food recommendations, plans and programs for all types of eating patterns including vegan, raw, pescatarian and strategies for intermittent fasting & ketosis.

It includes your own personalized, customized meal plans consisting of proper macronutrient ratios, inclusion of micronutrients, vitamins, immune boosters and antioxidants and foods necessary for workout performance & recovery.

Macro nutrient tracking

We provide the education and awareness necessary for consumption of the proper ratios of macro nutrients on a daily basis.​

Macro nutrients make up the three main categories of foods including fats, carbohydrates and proteins.  ​

We teach our clients proper consumption ratios based on their training requirements and goals.  We also teach the healthy and harmful effects of too much or too little macro nutrients.

Micro nutrient inclusion

We provide a list of 96 micro nutrients for optimal health & physiological function

We provide a detailed list of the 96 micro nutrients and the health benefits of each.  We also teach in depth about the importance of consuming these micro nutrients for optimal physiological systems functionality.​

We place a great deal of importance on micro nutrients in today's age where we see a micro nutrient deficiency due to crop soil being leeched of micro nutrient density.​

Micro nutrients are not typically consumed on a plate so we teach how to incorporate them into smoothies and as delicious food seasonings to ensure consumption.

Immune boosters

We help you consume more immune boosters for prevention of illnesses and their symptoms

We offer a complete list of foods containing immune boosters.

This is vitally important in a cities where there are so many contaminants including the air we breath negatively effecting our health.

Immune boosters are delicious foods so we have plenty of opportunities to include them into each and every client's daily food intake and meal plans. ​

Daily inclusion of delicious immune boosters enhances fitness training performance which facilitates quicker goal achievement.


We provide recommendations for eating more antioxidants for vibrant health.

We provide daily recommendations for the inclusion of antioxidants into our client's meal plans.  The addition of antioxidants is actually very easy and delicious.

We have a full list of healthy berries and vegetable smoothies which can serve as a daily dosage of the necessary quantities of antioxidants.​

Antioxidants are vital for healthy skin and our body's physiological systems functionality and performance.  Optimal physiological systems performance is extremely important for fitness training goal achievement.  Antioxidants are foods which can be a catalyst for increased fitness training session energy.

Nutrition coaching price in Bangkok


Nutrition Coaching Prices.

Nutrition coaching is baked in to every personal training program and is included in the price.

Nutrition coaching can be purchased separately as a stand alone if you would like to have only nutrition services.  

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