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Fitness training programs in Bangkok with DEnnis Romatz Fitness


Data collected from fitness assessments will dictate the perfect fitness training program appropriate for your goals.  You can also choose from the program styles you love.



Are you looking to shed those extra pounds and embark on a transformative weight loss journey?  Look no further than our cutting-edge weight loss personal training program.  Designed to deliver exceptional results, my program combines a tailored exercise regimen with comprehensive nutritional guidance to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals effectively and sustainably.  My experienced personal trainers and I will provide you with the support and motivation you need to push beyond your limits and reach new heights of fitness. With my proven clinical, physiology based protocols and personalized approach, you can expect to see significant improvements in your body composition, increased energy levels, and enhanced overall well-being. Don't wait any longer to start your weight loss journey – join my weight program today and unlock the path to a healthier, happier you. Contact me now to schedule your first session!

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Are you ready to build strength, increase muscle mass, and enhance your overall physical performance?  My strength and conditioning personal training program is designed to help you reach your fitness goals and unlock your full potential.  My experienced team specialize in developing personalized programs that focus on strength training, functional movements, and cardiovascular conditioning.  With a combination of resistance training, plyometrics, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), my program will challenge your body and stimulate muscle growth. Whether you're an athlete looking to improve performance or an individual aiming to build lean muscle and increase overall fitness, my program is tailored to meet your specific needs.  My personal trainers, fitness coaches and strength & conditioning specialists and I will provide expert guidance, ensuring proper form and technique to minimize the risk of injury and maximize results.  Get ready to transform your body and elevate your performance to new heights.  Join my strength and conditioning personal training program today and take the first step towards a stronger, fitter, and more confident you.  Contact me now to schedule your first session and embark on your fitness journey.

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Are you an athlete looking to take your performance to the next level? My sports performance personal training program is designed to help you unleash your full potential and excel in your chosen sport.  With a focus on strength, speed, agility, and endurance, my program is tailored to meet the specific demands of your sport.  My experienced team of personal trainers and I will work closely with you to develop a customized training regimen that targets your weaknesses, enhances your strengths, and improves overall athletic performance.  Through a combination of sport-specific exercises, plyometrics, functional training, and conditioning drills, our program will push your limits and elevate your performance to new heights.  Whether you're a competitive athlete or a recreational enthusiast,  my sports performance program will provide you with the tools, guidance, and support you need to maximize your athletic abilities and achieve your goals.  Don't settle for mediocrity – join my sports performance training program today and unleash the champion within. Contact me now to schedule your first session and experience the difference firsthand.

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Are you recovering from an injury and eager to regain your strength, mobility, and overall fitness?  My injury rehab personal training program is designed to support your recovery journey and get you back on track. My experienced and certified personal trainers and I specialize in rehabilitation techniques, working closely with you to create a personalized program that addresses your specific injury and goals. Through a combination of targeted exercises, corrective movements, and gradual progressions, our program aims to strengthen the affected area, improve range of motion, and prevent future injuries.  With a focus on proper form and technique, my trainers and I provide expert guidance and support to ensure a safe and effective rehabilitation process. Whether you're rehabilitating a sports injury, post-surgery, or dealing with chronic pain, my program offers the tools and expertise you need for a successful recovery.  Take the first step towards a pain-free future and contact me today to schedule your initial session.

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Looking to improve flexibility, reduce muscle tension, and enhance your overall well-being?  My stretch therapy personal training program is here to help you achieve just that.  My highly skilled and certified personal trainers and I specialize in the art of stretching, providing you with a customized program tailored to your specific needs and goals.  Whether you're an athlete aiming to enhance performance or someone seeking relief from everyday stress, our program offers a holistic approach to stretching that targets all major muscle groups.  Through a combination of assisted stretching techniques, deep breathing, and mindful relaxation, my program will help you unlock your body's full potential.  Experience the incredible benefits of increased range of motion, improved posture, and reduced risk of injury.  Don't let muscle tightness hold you back – start your stretch therapy journey with me today.  Contact me now to schedule your first session and discover the power of flexibility.

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