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Lose weight by reducing body fat with exercise science based weight loss specialist Dennis Romatz

Clinical Based Weight Loss Specialist

Dennis Romatz is an expert clinical & exercise physiology based certified weight loss specialist who will help you reduce and manage your body weight by eliminating body fat with fitness training programs using body fat as a fuel to burn calories and plant based, caloric deficit focused nutrition coaching.

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Using Science For Weight Loss

Dennis Romatz is an expert clinical & exercise physiology based certified weight loss specialist who guarantees body weight reduction for all of his weight loss clients.

Dennis combines fitness training and nutrition coaching to dramatically reduce body weight, body size and body fat percentages.

Thorough assessments, screens and tests are performed, a weight loss goal specific training program is designed, weight loss exercise protocols are implemented, monitored and scaled progressively to counter adaptations and during this process, weight loss and caloric deficit specific meal plan are advised and healthy behavioral modifications strategies are endorsed.

Weight Loss Process Explained

Dennis' clinical based weight loss training is a methodical process that involves several important steps, all of which play an integral role in body fat reduction and weight loss.

  1. Thorough assessments, screens & tests

  2. Weight loss specific fitness training program design

  3. Weight loss specific nutrition program design

  4. Implementation of heart healthy "increased cardio" training 

  5. Extraction of unhealthy foods from daily consumption

  6. Implementation of "LISS" fitness training protocols

  7. Addition of necessary foods for performance & recovery

  8. Implementation of HIIT fitness training protocols

  9. Caloric adjustments 

  10. Addition of strategies for sustainable weight management

Read Dennis' weight loss process blog and learn the complete details.

weight loss process explained
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Weight Loss With Fitness

Dennis' fitness training sector of his weight loss program involves mostly the use of cardio, but at varying heart rates and intensities for different types of fuel usage to burn calories from either subcutaneous and visceral body fat or glucose & glycogen.

During the first two weeks of fitness training for weight loss, Dennis focuses on getting his clients more heart healthy and and fit by increasing their level of performance so they are able to endure the 60 minutes workouts and perform well enough to burn ample calories for to achieve weight loss results.

Dennis then uses Low Intensity Interval Training (LISS) to use body fat as a fuel as studies show that we use body fat as a fuel to burn calories at lower training intensities and lower heart rates.


Dennis then implements High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) protocols once his client's body weight is lower when there is less chance of joint stress and injury.

Weight Loss With Nutrition

Dennis feels strongly that nutrition is the key part of anyone losing weight effectively and sustainably.

Dennis firstly performs a thorough nutrition and food intake screen.  After this analysis, data is collected which provides Dennis with the basis for deleting the unhealthy foods and drinks being consumed.  Dennis knows that he must first get rid of the bad foods you eat as the initial step in this process.

Once the unhealthy food is deleted from your diet, Dennis takes approximately two weeks and scrutinizes your training performance and recovery.  He then starts to add necessary foods to your daily intake which will enhance both performance and recovery or as you require.

Dennis always adjusts your food intake so that you are in a caloric deficit until you reach your desired body weight.

Once your diet is optimized, Dennis then makes micro caloric adjustments to make your food intake become perfect.

weight loss with nutrition coaching
weight loss with healthy lifestyle

Weight Loss With Healthy Lifestyle

Weight loss and weight management is achieve and maintained with a healthy lifestyle inclusive of daily exercise, proper nutrition and healthy daily habits.

Dennis teaches strategies for living a healthy lifestyle so that you can achieve and sustain weight loss as well as accomplish all of your other various health & fitness goals.

  • Ample rest with quality sleep

  • A healthy morning ritual of meditation & preparation

  • Daily affirmations for confidence

  • Cardiovascular and muscular exercise

  • Healthy meal consumption

Weight Loss With Wearable Technology

Dennis guarantees weight loss for all of his training clients because he tracks their training intensities, training ventricular zones, heart rates and calories using wearable technology.

As the saying goes "what can be measured, can be managed".

Great success can be achieved by properly managing your training heart rate and ventricular zones to dictate the fuel (body fat or sugar) you're using to burn calories when on a weight loss program.

Dennis has chosen the Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor for it's outstanding ability to track your exact heart rate in real time allowing him to make adjusts to your training intensities to elicit the desired heart rate.

This allows Dennis to either train you with a higher heart rate to burn sugars you've just eaten or to train you at a lower heart rate to use more of your body fat as a fuel source to get rid of itself.

Yes, we use body fat as a fuel to burn itself up!

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weight loss coach Dennis Romatz

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