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Incredible Personal Training Testimonials & Reviews

Sharing some client love from some of my clients who train with me in Phnom Penh

"I was chatting with some Expat lady friends over a coffee at our favorite cafe in BKK 1.  We were discussing the delicious Khmer food and how we've all gained a few kilograms since we arrived.  One of the ladies spoke of a wonderful personal fitness trainer named Dennis Romatz who came highly recommended for being a weight loss specialist.  She showed some before and after photos after having lost 12 kilograms in just 3 months training with Dennis at her serviced apartment gym in BKK 1 Phnom Penh.  She happened to show me his website and I immediately sent him a Line message.  He responded almost immediately and we chatted for about 15 minutes before scheduling a day and time to meet for a free trail session with a fitness assessment.  Dennis performed a very thorough fitness assessment and found a couple other issues I was unaware of.  He designed a really great fitness training program that targeted reducing my body fat.  Long tory short...we trained for exactly 3 months in which time I lost 12 kilograms of body weight.  I reduced my body fat percentage from 32% to 24% and I reduced my waist size by 8 centimeters.  I couldn't be happier with Dennis' personal training and I can recommend him 1 million percent!"

- Dorothy, Phnom Penh Expat

"Absolutely over the moon with my new body.  Dennis' weight loss fitness training and nutrition coaching helped me lose 13 kilograms.  His personal training is performed perfectly because he's incredibly knowledgeable about the human body.  My fitness training program was personalized to my goals and my current body condition.  I have so much more energy now and my wife can't keep her hands off me...bonus!!!"

- Ian, Phnom Penh Expat

"I wasn't sure if I could afford a personal trainer although I knew I needed one and couldn't reach my goals without one.  I needed that push to make me do things that would really make the difference.  Dennis worked with my budget to customized a plan with pricing that fit my budget.  His motivational training really helped me get excited about getting up in the morning to get my workout in so I could chip away at and eventually reach my goals.  His nutrition coaching is what really made a big difference.  I could never have gotten into great shape without his dietary help with changing my eting habits.  I can highly recommend Dennis for his great personal training."

- Jocelyn, Phnom Penh Expat

"Who would have thought I would find a World Class personal fitness trainer in Phnom Penh, Cambodia of all places.  And who would have thought I would be able to completely transform my body while training at my serviced apartment gym in Phnom Penh.  I mean, I stay at an apartment in BKK 1 with a gym the size of a closet, but Dennis made it work.  He brought some kickboxing pads and we went at it with Muay Thai Kickboxing every Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6am and I reshaped my body and really improved my health and fitness.  I'm amazed at how quickly I jacked up my fitness level compared to what it was. I recently ran a 5 km marathon that I would have never been able to do without Dennis' help.  Great personal trainer and even better person.  A real family man who loves his son and is committed to his career.  Top notch guy."

- Phil, British Expat in Phnom Penh