pre & post natal pregnancy fitness program with personal trainer dennis romatz


Enjoy a healthy pregnancy with pre & post natal pregnancy fitness training

Pregnancy fitness training for healthy Mom & baby

You'll have a healthy, fit 9 months of pregnancy, an easier, smoother child birth and you'll lose the baby fat and get fit faster with my pre & post natal pregnancy fitness training.

Pre & Post Natal Pregnancy Fitness training with personal trainer Dennis Romatz

Pregnancy training for a healthy pregnancy and childbirth.

Discover and experience what a healthy 1st, 2nd & 3rd trimester can be with safe, effective pre & post natal pregnancy fitness training.

My pregnancy training utilizes either your home, gym or pool to provide you with specialized pregnancy exercises and workouts which are safe training modalities and methodologies in a "go at your own pace" setting. 

I've been the "go to" personal trainer in S. E. Asia for several years now due to my extensive clinical knowledge pertaining to a women's anatomy and especially physiology as it pertains to pregnancy, childbirth, the changes which occur during the nine months and how to effectively provide beneficial exercises for a smooth pregnancy.