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Personal Training at Your Bangkok Condo, Home or Hotel Gym

Updated: Sep 13

Dennis Romatz Fitness delivers the finest personal training at your Bangkok condo, home or hotel gym.

A condo gym personal training session in Bangkok with Dennis Romatz Fitness
A condo gym personal training session in Bangkok with Dennis Romatz Fitness

Are looking to get into shape, but prefer to not deal with the hassles of traveling in Bagnkok stanky traffic only to get to your gym destination to find sweaty benches, loud annoying music and trainers and gym instructors acting like fraternity Brothers high-fiving everything in site like they just brought peace to the entire world?!

Gotcha...I know right where you're coming from. At Dennis Romatz Fitness, we created and perfected the condo gym personal training landscape upon our arrived in 2005 and have been recognized as the best condo gym personal trainers in Bangkok ever since.

Getting your Bangkok condo gym personal training started is really very simple.

Just get in touch and we'll schedule a FREE trial session with a comprehensive fitness assessment to get you started properly.

You're probably getting a condo gym personal trainer really this simple? Yes!, at Dennis Romatz Fitness, we deliver the personal trainer and personal training right to your doorstep....5 STAR STYLE!

We haven't talked yet, but I'm sure you have questions, so let me throw a few frequently asked condo gym / home / hotel gym questions and answers at you to help make the process crystal clear.

How much does a condo gym personal trainer in Bangkok?

Our condo gym personal training prices are listed on our "price" page. The prices are exactly what you see on our price list, however there might be a slightly higher charge if we have to travel a further than our core personal training area to get to you. The up-charge can be anywhere from 300 - 600 Thai Baht more per session.

What is your condo gym personal training area in Bangkok?

We offer condo gym personal training within a five kilometer radius of the Sukhumvit Road & Asoke Road intersection.

I live across the river, across the Thaksin Bridge. Can you train me?

Yep, there will be an upcharge, but we'll have a condo gym fitness coach at your door when you say "go"!

Dennis Romatz Fitness offer a variety of condo gym fitness training programs
Dennis Romatz Fitness offer a variety of condo gym fitness training programs

What kind of training programs do you offer at condo gyms?

We offer every fitness training programs for every imaginable goals. Don't be fooled by the gym hype. We can train for any goal you have right there at your condo gym. You can refer to your fitness training programs page to get more insight into what we offer.

Condo gym personal training is the absolute best way to workout in Bangkok
Condo gym personal training is the absolute best way to workout in Bangkok

I've never had a condo gym personal trainer before? How is it better than having a gym trainer?

We'll for one, gyms are typically stocked with rookie gym trainer with no formal University education and only a local personal trainer certification. They're known to be inferior and a waste of money if I'm being honest.

The real benefit is that you don't have to travel to a gym and incur gym membership fees. It's very convenient and it provides a disciplined workout schedule that is consistent leading to quicker, better training results.

Bangkok condo gyms are fully stocked with fitness equipment
Bangkok condo gyms are fully stocked with fitness equipment

Do I need to buy fitness training equipment to workout in my condo?

Nope, Bangkok condo gyms are well equipped and we bring any other fitness equipment needed to help you train for your goal.

Most every condo gym in Bangkok is now fully stocked with treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, dumbbells, kettlebells, fitness bands, slam balls, medicine balls, cardio machines, weight machines, free weights.

Do we train based on my schedule and when I'm available?

Yes! This is one of the convenient benefits of personal training at you condo gym in Bangkok. you can have one of our condo gym fitness coaches come to train you on the exact day and time that you book. We like to have a set schedule, but we also know that things happen so we're totally flexible with training scheduling from week to week.

Are your Bangkok condo gym personal trainers certified?

Our condo gym personal trainers in Bangkok are the best in the business. We're the longest standing personal trainers in Bangkok to specialize in only condo gym persona training. All of our fitness coaches have Internationally recognized personal trainer certifications and some have a University exercise science & nutrition educated and all have at least 10 years of condo gym personal training experience. Dennis Romatz, owner and personal trainer at Dennis Romatz Fitness has been a condo gym personal trainer in Bangkok since 2005 and a condo, home, hotel & apartment gym personal trainer since 1986.

Do you have female condo gym personal trainers?

Yes, we have both male and female trainers available upon your request. As well, we can offer you a foreign or Thai condo gym trainer if you have a preference in that regard.

How does condo gym training work? How do I start?

We make your condo gym, home, hotel gym personal training experience easy to start and easy to love!

Simply contact us to get the ball rolling. We'll send the trainer of your choice to your condo gym to perform an assessment, find out exactly what type of training you need to achieve your goals. And then we train!

About the Author:

Dennis Romatz is the Owner and Head Personal Trainer at Dennis Romatz Fitness representing the pinnacle of excellence in personal training in Bangkok. You can contact Dennis to train with him in person or live online or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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