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Jetts Fitness Bangkok

Updated: May 28

Jetts Fitness is a popular gym chain in Bangkok, known for its 24/7 access, flexible membership options, and modern facilities. Here’s a detailed look at what Jetts Fitness in Bangkok offers, including information on day passes, membership options, and pricing.


Jetts Fitness Bangkok
Jetts Fitness Bangkok

History of Jetts Fitness

Founding and Early Years

Jetts Fitness was founded in 2007 by Brendon and Cristy Levenson in Gold Coast, Australia. The gym chain aimed to provide members with a convenient and flexible fitness solution, focusing on accessibility and affordability.

Expansion and Growth

Jetts Fitness quickly grew in popularity due to its unique offering of 24/7 gym access, no lock-in contracts, and affordable membership fees. This business model appealed to a wide range of fitness enthusiasts, leading to rapid expansion across Australia.

International Expansion

In 2016, Jetts Fitness expanded internationally, entering markets in New Zealand, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. The brand's focus on convenience and flexibility continued to drive its success globally.

Acquisition and Current Ownership

Jetts Fitness was acquired by Quadrant Private Equity in 2016, which facilitated further expansion and development of the brand. Today, Jetts Fitness operates under the Fitness and Lifestyle Group (FLG), which also owns other prominent fitness brands.


Locations in Bangkok

Jetts Fitness has several branches in Bangkok, including:

  • Sathorn Square

  • Asoke

  • Sukhumvit 11

  • Silom

  • Thonglor

  • Ploenchit

  • CentralPlaza Pinklao

  • CentralPlaza Rama 9

  • CentralPlaza WestGate


Facilities and Classes

Jetts Fitness gyms are equipped with modern fitness equipment and offer a range of services to cater to various fitness needs:

  • Cardio and Weight Training Equipment: Extensive range of modern machines.

  • Functional Training Zones: Areas dedicated to functional fitness exercises.

  • Group Fitness Classes: Including yoga, HIIT, Pilates, and more.

  • Personal Training Sessions: Available with certified trainers for personalized guidance.


Jetts Fitness Bangkok Membership Options and Pricing

Jetts Fitness offers several membership plans to suit different preferences:

  1. Day Pass: Available at most locations, perfect for those who want to try out the gym before committing to a membership. Prices for day passes typically range from THB 400 to THB 600.

  2. Monthly Membership: Offers flexibility for those who prefer short-term commitments. The cost is around THB 1,500 to THB 1,900 per month.

  3. Annual Membership: A more cost-effective option for long-term commitment. Prices generally start at THB 13,500 per year, which often includes various perks like free access to group classes and certain facilities.


Additional Services

  • Personal Training: Jetts Fitness offers personal training sessions, with prices varying based on the trainer's experience and the package chosen.

  • Group Training: Small group training sessions are available, which provide a more personalized experience compared to larger classes.

  • Special Promotions: Occasionally, Jetts Fitness offers promotions such as discounts on memberships or free trial periods.


Accessibility and Convenience

One of the standout features of Jetts Fitness is its 24/7 access, allowing members to work out at any time that suits them. This is particularly convenient for those with irregular schedules. The gyms are also strategically located across Bangkok, ensuring easy access for members.


Benefits of Membership

  • 24/7 Access: Work out anytime, day or night.

  • Flexible Membership Options: No lock-in contracts for maximum flexibility.

  • Modern Equipment and Facilities: Ensuring a high-quality workout experience.

  • Variety of Classes and Training Programs: Catering to all fitness levels.

  • Community and Social Events: Keeping members motivated and engaged.



Jetts Fitness in Bangkok provides a flexible and convenient fitness solution with its 24/7 access, modern facilities, and a variety of membership options. It is an excellent choice for individuals looking to maintain their fitness routine in a supportive and well-equipped environment.

Please contact us at Dennis Romatz Fitness if you would like more information or to schedule your training with us at any Jetts Fitness Gym location in Bangkok.

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