physiotherapy fitness program with personal trainer dennis romatz


Get the root cause fix for your injury issue with physiotherapy & physio-fitness

Physiotherapy & physio-fitness for optimal health

You'll get complete and total eradication of your anatomical issue with my physiotherapy and physio fitness which addresses the root cause. 

I thoroughly examine and assess your entire physique to gain necessary data needed to design the most appropriate fitness training program to help you become pain free and 100% healthy again.

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Physio-Fitness explained.

My physiotherapy and physio-fitness is a method fitness training which identifies root causes of anatomical issues and addresses these problems with targeted fitness training modalities and exercise protocols.

I go above and beyond where a registered physiotherapist must cease due to insurance rules and regulations.

I utilize many forms of fitness training relevant to lengthening and shortening muscles to gain responsiveness, thus creating space for skeletal ease of movement as in the case of vertebral compression and tight back muscles.

I also implement exercises which serve to strengthen muscles surrounding painful joints to lend support to that area and realign posture whether it be the acromial (shoulder) region or the hip and pelvis or the knees.

Who is physiotherapy & physio-fitness for?

Physiotherapy and physio-fitness is for people who have back and neck pain stemming from trauma, accidents or even from sleeping in an incorrect position.

Folks with joint pain can benefit from physiotherapy through strengthening the muscles nearest to the joint.

Some of the most common areas of issue are knee pain caused by incorrect articulation and weak quadricep muscles, shoulder pain from weakened deltoid muscles and lower back pain from tight Erector Spinae muscles and Thoracolumbar Fascia causing vertebral compression and impinged Sciatic nerves.

physiotherapy and physio-fitness is for everyone with personal trainer Dennis Romatz