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Achieve your health & fitness goals faster with exercise science based training

My science based personal training in Phuket is the fastest, safest and most effective way to improve your health, increase your fitness and transform your body.

It includes your own personalized, customized training program consisting of exercise testing & assessments, goal targeted program design, progress monitoring as well as nutrition coaching.

You'll also get my expertise, accountability and motivation and encouragement to propel you to your goal achievement.


I have an intelligent, methodical, all inclusive approach to training you

  1. Meet & Greet / discuss realistic goals

  2. Body Composition Scan, Body Fat %, Muscle Mass

  3. Nutrition & Dietary Screen

  4. Exercise Testing / Assessments, Screens, Tests

  5. Fitness Training Program Design

  6. Fitness Training Prescription Implementation

  7. Monitor Training Data, Intensities 

  8. Nutrition Adjustments for Performance & Recovery

  9. Scale Training Intensities, Progressions & Overloads

  10. Implement Periodization Methodologies


Exercise Testing, Assessments & Functional Movement Screens

Nutrition Screens & Analysis

Body Composition Testing & Analysis

Concierge / In-Home Training (I come to you)

Customized, Personalized Training Program



Motivation & Encouragement

Healthy Lifestyle Mentoring

how Phuket personal training works
phuket private personal training by Dennis Romatz


I provide both one on one and one on two private personal fitness training.

My training is unique in that you can choose your location to create an atmosphere of exclusivity.

Myself and my staff fitness trainers in Phuket can train two people at the same time provided that you both have the exact same or similar goals.

My fitness training is a the ultimate in concierge style workouts in that I come to your condo gym, commercial gym, hotel, resort, villa, home, beach or your chosen and desired training location. 

View my specific geographical fitness training locations in Phuket, Thailand here.


Each client I train receives an initial trial session in which I perform a series of exercise tests, assessments and functional movement screen.

This thorough assessment provides me with the necessary diagnosis and data I need to accurately and intelligently design the most effective, goal targeted fitness training program.

Additionally, this assessment allows me the opportunity to assess your physique for any rehabilitation you may need for anatomical issues you may not be aware of.

My exercise testing & prescription provides the solid basis we need to get your training started in the correct direction in order to train safely, effectively and be laser focused on your goals.

Phuket exercise testing by Dennis Romatz
Phuket fitness training programs Dennis Romatz


Each client I train receives a thorough anatomical assessment which then allows me to design their customized, personalized and comprehensive fitness & nutrition program targeting their goals.

This laser focused exercise prescription includes both short and long term training goals which helps us focus on each daily workout while also keeping us on track in the bigger picture.

Your customized fitness training program is constantly monitored and  includes protocols which are progressively scaled to constantly keep you reaching for new anatomical and physiological levels of achievement as well as overloaded progressively to elicit greater muscle gain.


I am University clinically educated in exercise science and I train my clients as such.

Adhering to the knowledge and laws of clinical science, exercise physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics ensures that all fitness training protocols are intelligent in design and correct in application thus guaranteeing and always yielding safe training and successful results.

Principles of clinical and sport sciences are utilized in all of my client's workouts to initiate acute responses to their activity which I can then scale progressively to elicit positive chronic adaptations to their exercise all while getting stronger, fitter, healthier and achieving their goals.

science based personal training Dennis Romatz
map of Phuket personal training locations Dennis Romatz


I perform my private concierge style personal fitness training at condo gyms, commercial gyms, hotels, resorts, villas, homes, beaches and at any particular location you choose to train at.

Geographically speaking, I train at most all areas of the island of Phuket, Thailand.

The main areas in which I provide personal fitness training include but is not limited to:



Nai Harn & Nai Harn Beach

Kata and Kata Beach

Karon and Karon Beach

Patong and Patong Beach

Kamala and Kamala Beach

Surin and Surin Bech

Bang Tao and Bang Tao Beach

Phuket Laguna

Phuket Town