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Get fit, improve your health and transform your body  with Dennis Romatz Fitness team trainer and certified personal trainer, pilates instructor and yoga instructor Yogi Jiva

Yogi Jiva Bangkok yoga instructor & personal trainer
Yogi Jiva Bangkok yoga instructor & personal trainer

Yogi Jiva

Senior Personal Trainer


Yogi Jiva is widely regarded as a phenomenal yoga instructor and female personal trainer and we consider ourselves privileged to have her on my Dennis Romatz Fitness team.

Yogi Jiva absolutely lives and breathes yoga and all of it's zen elements which make her personality mature, grounded and extremely professional.  She's a lovely person to explore yoga with and an even better person to be around.


  • Certified Yoga Instructor - Yoga Alliance 500 hours

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Certified Pilates Instructor


Yogi Jiva's been immersed in yoga instruction for more than 15 years and has been a personal trainer for nearly the same mount of time.    She also specializes in private yoga sessions for her clients at apartment gyms and their homes.

The best part about Yogi Jiva's abilities are in how she can tailor each client's yoga session exactly how they want it.

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