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Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life

Get your dream body & optimized health.  Dennis Romatz, personal trainer in Pattaya takes your fitness to the next level.

Dennis Romatz personal training is rated:

Excellent   5/5

dennis Romatz personal fitness trainer in Pattay, Thailand
Dennis Romatz taking the guesswork out of fitness in Pattaya

I Take The Guesswork Out Of Getting In Shape

Tired of trying to figure fitness out on your own?  In decent shape, but want to take your training to the next level?

Put an end to guesswork, frustration, and time wasted trying to do it yourself with a bespoke personal training plan from an expert personal trainer.  I take the confusion out of exercising and give you a simple, clear, precise, and effective method to get in shape fast.


I bring clarity to your workouts by giving you a holistic fitness & lifestyle roadmap with effective fitness solutions supported by proven results-based systems and strategies so you can take charge of your training and get amazing results, faster. 

"Following the wrong training plan or going it alone is like being a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.  Let me design a personalized and optimized workout routine for you and fast-track your progress."  - Dennis

Training Results 10X Faster, Better, Smarter

Dennis Romatz offers premium, results-based, professional personal training, nutrition coaching & wellness services at your condo gym, home, or commercial gym in Pattaya, Thailand, and Online anywhere scheduled at your convenience.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength, improve metabolic health, increase energy, get better at your sport, fix an injury, focus on pre or post-natal fitness, or get a trainer for Muay Thai Kickboxing, I've got you covered! 

Pattaya personal trainer Dennis Romatz training gets result 10x faster

Craft Your Perfect Body, Health & Lifestyle

Dennis Romatz gives you the personal fitness training platform power to upgrade how you look, feel, and live.

Build Your Dream Body

Whether you want to lose weight, reduce body fat, get slim, gain strength, pack on muscle, bulk up, or improve your body composition,  I've got you!  I'll get you quickly to that "WOW" moment when you look in the mirror and love your body!

Optimize Your Health

Whether you want to lower blood pressure and glucose levels, reduce gut inflammation, increase heart health, or fix an injury, I design personalized programs tailored to your individual health needs and requirements.​

Create A Vibrant Lifestyle

Upgrade your quality of life, and gain a zest to live each day to its fullest with my holistic, integrative wellness training platform with mindset coaching that molds positive behaviors and builds every aspect of your health & well-being.

Dennis Romatz personal trainer Pattaya, Thailand

Dennis Romatz

Nutritionist and certified personal trainer in Pattaya, Thailand with 38 years of training experience and a University education in Exercise Science, Corporate Fitness & Nutrition.

I specialize in clinical-based weight loss, metabolic health, and cardiorespiratory fitness utilizing principles of exercise science, sports science, and exercise physiology with a holistic approach to integrated wellness including fitness, recovery, nutrition, mindset & lifestyle coaching to help my clients achieve remarkable results quickly while giving them the education and tools to continue on their own for life.


You'll receive expert guidance tailored to your goals and fitness level, and benefit from workouts designed with a deep understanding of exercise science, anatomy, and physiology, ensuring efficient and effective progress.

Trusted By Professionals At Leading Companies

Pattaya's best personal trainer, Dennis Romatz

Pattaya's Best Personal Trainer

Award Winning Personal Trainer

At Dennis Romatz, my relentless pursuit of personal trainer perfection earned me prestigious accolades from industry experts and also showcases the unique intersection of my exercise science education, experience, and proven effective training methodologies.

A Personal Training Program Designed For Growth

Science-based personal training tools to help you grow your workout results at scale, with speed, accuracy, and precision.

Evaluations & Assessments

Advanced, comprehensive evaluations & assessments ensure that no bodily issue is overlooked in your program design.  I test everything and prescribe appropriately.  There's no guesswork.  Everything is by design.

Personalized Training Programs

Comprehensive personalized training programs, carefully designed, customized, and meticulously tailored to your needs and requirements, are curated for your baseline starting point, and crafted for growth.

Science Based Methodologies

Seamlessly integrated principles of sports science, exercise physiology, kinesiology, and sports psychology protocols, modalities, and methodologies ensure 100% science-based training.  No gimmicks, just pure scientific law.

Biometric & Performance Analytics

Data-driven technology to biometrically track every rep, set, and workout, monitor your progress in real-time, and fine-tune your program ensures maximum effectiveness, progression, and continuous results.

Next Level Fitness Training Power

 Dennis Romatz gives you powerful holistic tools to move well, eat sensibly, rejuvenate & recover, fortify your mind, and live well.


Our fitness and movement programs can help you achieve your goals, whether it's building strength, losing weight, or improving overall health. In addition to boosting energy and building resilience, they can also enhance mental acuity.

See Fitness >


Nutrition coaching including custom meal plans and dietary recommendations tailored to your needs and goals, fuel your body and make impactful changes to your health and exercise performance.

See Nutrition > 


Recovery & rejuvenation coaching goes beyond workouts, guiding you on getting rid of lactic acid, muscle relaxation, soft tissue therapy, sleep, and self-care to recover, revitalize, enhance performance, and leave you feeling energized.

Recovery & Rejuvenation >


My mindset coaching, fuses sports psychology with strategic techniques for fortifying mental resilience and fortitude.  Through visualization, goal-setting, and positive self-talk, my clients conquer obstacles and attain peak mental performance.

Mindset >


My powerful approach to wellness takes a holistic approach to guide you in nutrition, exercise, sleep, meditation, positive affirmations, and more.  You'll learn to build healthy habits that lead to long-term well-being and a happier life. 

See Wellness >

Personal Training Options

Private 1 X 1 Training

Accelerate results and reach your goals faster with total privacy, exclusivity, and one-on-one attention with your coach.

See one on one training  >

Semi-Private Training

Get in the best shape of your life with the support of your coach while exercising with your bestie, family member, or co-worker.

See semi-private training  >

Small Group Training

Work out with 3-5 of your besties who are going after the same goal and reap the support of the group's hyped atmosphere!


See small group training >

personal trainer training at a condo gym in Pattaya, Thailand

Exclusive Home & Condo Gym Personal Trainer in Pattaya

Looking for a condo gym or home personal trainer in Pattaya to come to your residence and train you?

At Dennis Romatz, our team of expert condo personal trainers tailors convenient, premium training services to fit your schedule, preferred training location, and lifestyle.

Whether you prefer working out in your condo gym or the comfort of your own home, our trainers bring a world-class, personalized training experience directly to you. Ditch the crowded gyms and the hassle of travel—let our freelance trainers come to you!

Pattaya Personal Training Service Area

As a freelance personal trainer in Pattaya, I go to my client's condo gym, or home within a 10-kilometer radius of Pratamnak Hill.  

As a gym trainer and CrossFit instructor, I work with clients at Fitness 7, Muscle Factory, Elite Fitness, Human Strong Gym, and CrossFit commercial gyms in Pattaya.  I also offer outdoor personal training at Pratamnak Hill, Pattaya Beach, and Jomtien Beach.

  • Pattaya

  • Naklua

  • Jomtien

  • Na Jomtien

  • Horseshoe Lake

condo gym training area in Pattaya, Thailand

My Simple, Easy-To-Follow Training Process

Step #1
Lifestyle & habit profile

I get to know you, covering your health history, injuries, goals, eating habits, lifestyle, and sleep quality to tailor your training.

Step #4
Nutrition Nutrition Design

Using assessment data and your goals, I design a safe and effective fitness program to deliver phenomenal results.

Step #2
Evaluations & Assessments

I perform advanced fitness evaluations, including a body composition scan and functional movement screen, to identify areas for improvement.

Step #5
Personal Training

We start your training with a personalized schedule, progressing as you get fitter and stronger. I provide motivation and accountability every step of the way.

Step #3
Fitness Program Design

Using assessment data and your goals, I design a safe and effective fitness program to deliver phenomenal results.

Step #6
Monitor & Progressions

I continually monitor your progress, adjusting intensity to ensure continuous improvement and guaranteed results.

Fitness Programs Built For You And Your Goals

My bespoke personalized fitness programs, uniquely crafted and curated for your body and goals, deliver the quick results and efficiency you crave. 


Achieve your goals across body transformations, improved health, enhanced lifestyle quality, and more.  Explore our library of 60+ fitness programs, and personalized workouts designed for males, females, adults, and kids, and every fitness level from beginner's, intermediate and advanced.

Dennis Romatz with fitness programs in Pattaya, Thailand

Personal Trainer Price, Plans & Packages

Value-based, affordable Pattaya personal trainer prices with flexible training plans and packages for every budget, schedule, and goal.


2,300 tb

Each personal training session is 2,300 Thai Baht with a package of 10 training sessions.

Valid for 30 days.

  • 60 Minutes Sessions

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Fitness & Nutrition Assessments

  • Personalized Training Program Design

  • Exercise Science-Based Training Methodologies

  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching

  • Recovery Protocols

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Training Periodization

  • Motivation & Accountability


2,300 tb

Each personal training session is 2,300 Thai Baht with a package of 20 training sessions.


Valid for 60 days.

  • 60 Minutes Sessions

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Fitness & Nutrition Assessments

  • Personalized Training Program Design

  • Exercise Science-Based Training Methodologies

  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching

  • Recovery Protocols

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Training Periodization

  • Motivation & Accountability

Pro +

2,300 tb

Each personal training session is 2,300 Thai Baht with a package of 30 training sessions.

Valid for 90 days.

  • 60 Minutes Sessions

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Fitness & Nutrition Assessments

  • Personalized Training Program Design

  • Exercise Science-Based Training Methodologies

  • Personalized Nutrition Coaching

  • Recovery Protocols

  • Mindset Coaching

  • Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Training Periodization

  • Motivation & Accountability

  • Can you train me with medical conditions or injuries?
    Yes, I can train you with post-physio exercise protocols and methodologies provided you have clearance from your doctor or physiotherapist. To be clear, although my training programs work toward optimal health they are not intended as a replacement for personalized medical advice. However if you have the green light for exercise from your medical professionals, understand the nature of an ailment, injury or medical condition and need a coach who will work with you to personalize your regime accordingly, you are in the right place.
  • What if I travel a lot for my work?
    Most of my clients are foreigners who frequently travel for work or go back home to Europe or USA for holidays. My training is perfect, as I am able to adapt your program based on hotel gyms, or even move to bodyweight training if you don't have access to equipment. In terms of holidays, you will have the option to pause your coaching while away with the option to continue training with me live online. I do have a rule that my clients must inform me at least two weeks prior to any travel plans they have. Not notifying me of your future travel plans will result in you losing your dedicated training days and time slot. Travel does not exclude you from my rules of training session package expiry date.
  • Are your personal trainers in Pattaya certified?
    Yes! I am a certified personal trainer, as are all of my team. My yoga instructors are Yoga Alliance 500 Hours Certified. My Pilates instructors are Certified Pilates Instructors. However, we aren't only PT certified! We are University Exercise Science & Nutrition educated as well. Additionally, we adhere to the personal training principles set forth by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) which is the leading personal trainer certification organization in the world.
  • What is your background?
    I attended Northern Michigan University in 1984 where I gained my Corporate Fitness education. I then transferred to Central Michigan University where I continued with my Exercise Science and Nutrition studies. I then entered the fitness industry work force in 1986 where I've trained in Michigan, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, Hollywood, Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar, Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City. All of this training was on an in-person basis. I started training live online in 2020 and have been training both in-person and live online to this day. During my time in the United States and Canada, I worked in select gyms including such notable gyms as Serge Moreau's Pro Gym in Montreal, Gold Gym Venice California, Crunch Fitness in Hollywood, and Lakeshore Sport & Fitness in Chicago. While in Hollywood, I trained a number of celebrities, however I can tell you with honesty that training actors and actresses is no different than training regular people other than the fact that they're entitled and only show up for their session about half the time! While training at "Train: in West Holly wood, I was asked if I wanted to be a trainer on "The Biggest Loser". I politely declined. This was my biggest blunder of my training career! "Bob" was standing next to me and he about jumped out of his shoes at the opportunity. He took my place! I'm a self-described clinically focused, exercise-science based, naturopathy centric personal trainer, online fitness coach and nutrition coach. I specialize in guaranteed weight loss programs and can fix just about anything that ails you! I love to train ice hockey players. This is my passion. If I had to do it all over again I'd be a yoga instructor! As of 2004, I own Dennis Romatz Fitness with personal training locations across South East Asia.
  • How many personal training sessions do I need per week?
    I recommend at least three personal training sessions per week, and then try to do a couple workouts on the days when we're not training. The more you do, the quicker you will reach your end goal, however, it depends on your budget and what you can afford. But generally speaking, I like to work with my training clients 3-4 times per week for best results. 4 or more sessions per week is best as it tips the 7 day week in your favor. In terms of how many sessions you will need in total to reach your goal, that is based on how many times per week you train. I shoot for 90 days to reach goals because it puts a sense of urgency into every training session to help maximize results.
  • Do I need to join a gym to work with you?
    No, because each program is written on a bespoke basis, I will work with whatever fitness equipment you have available to you at your home or condo. Where you do not have gym access and are in need of some pieces of equipment to achieve your goal, I will make those recommendations. What's even better is that I come to your condo gym so we can use the equipment on offer there. Condo gyms are usually quite well equipped with more than enough to get great workouts in.
  • How does personal training work?
    My fitness training is thorough and complete from A to Z and includes a methodical process to ensure your success and goal achievement. I start with an initial phone or in-person consultation to discuss your fitness & nutrition requirements, needs, and most importantly goals. I then perform thorough exercise testing with fitness assessments. I analyze and gather the necessary data to design your most goal-appropriate and safest program supported with a sensible nutrition program. You will then begin your actual personal training.
  • How long before I see results?
    Everyone I train is excited and ready to see results on the first day, and to be real, you will! You'll be tired! This means you've worked your body in ways that you haven't in a long time, or maybe ever! It typically takes 7-14 days or 5-7 workouts to get you in tip top shape where you'll feel very different. Your energy level will be boosted and you'll be amazed at being able to do daily tasks that previously left you exhausted. You'll see a difference in the mirror after about 2-3. You'll notice your slimmer appearance. Your cheeks will be the first part of your body to be slim. The last part of your body to become slimmer will be your belly, but simply because people carry the most fat in that region. Generally peaking, you'll feel energetic in two weeks and you'll see a physical difference in 3-4 weeks.
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