Get phenomenal fitness training results with Dennis Romatz, Internationally acclaimed fitness Coach & weight loss specialist

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Get your dream body with personal training

Experience incredible body transformations & significantly improved health with my exercise science focused, goal oriented, results driven personal fitness training in Ho Chi Minh City.

You'll get thorough fitness assessments, a goal targeted fitness training program and one on one personal training at your apartment gym or online personal training at home by World Class certified personal trainer Dennis Romatz at a great price with guaranteed results.

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Let The World See Your Fabulous Body!

"WOW!" - that overwhelming feeling you'll experience when you look into the mirror and absolutely fall in love with your new, beautiful body. 

Get in the best shape of your life with my 1 on 1 personal fitness training.

You Have Body & Health Issues.
I have Personal Training Solutions!


The Complete Personal Training Package

Workout with in-person personal training or exercise conveniently at home with live online fitness coaching.  Both include complimentary daily nutrition coaching for maximum goal achievement.

Personal Training is Easy.
Here's How It Works.


Fitness Assessments

Discuss your health & fitness goals, get thorough fitness assessments, create a winning strategy.

  • Get a free trial session

  • Discuss your body & health goals & needs

  • Get fitness assessments & exercise tests


Training Program Design

Get your personalized, customized, goal targeted, exercise science based fitness training program.

  • Analyze fitness assessment data & results

  • Design fitness training program

  • Design nutrition coaching & dietary program


Body Transformation

Start your training & body transformation, achieve fitness goals and experience that "WOW' moment.

  • Start fitness training, nutrition coaching

  • Scale training program & increase fitness 

  • Attain your transformed dream body 

Dennis Romatz Ho Chi Minh City expert personal trainer


Get phenomenal results with a superior personal trainer.

You're guaranteed to get incredible workout results with my expertise, clinically focused fitness training methodologies, University Exercise Science & Nutrition education and 35 years of personal trainer experience.


Get an unparalleled personal fitness training experience.

My personal training in Ho Chi Minh City, with it's 100% success rate, is a clinical based method of exercising using a solid, fundamental platform of exercise testing for exacting program design with goal appropriate, bio metrically tracked, progressively scaled training methodologies matched with motivation, inspiration and encouragement.

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Ho Chi Minh City online personal trainer Dennis Romatz


Online Personal Training
is Fitness Coaching 2.0

Online personal training in Ho Chi Minh City is personal training evolved and refined.

The future of fitness coaching is here and now with online virtual personal fitness training.

My online personal training allows you to workout conveniently and effectively at home without wasting travel time or incurring gym fees.

You get all of the benefits of personal training without the wasted travel time and costly gym fees.

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I'm here to make you beautiful!

I've recently been named one of the
"20 Best Personal Trainers in the World"
by the Institute of Personal Trainers. 

Internationally acclaimed personal trainer

Dennis Romatz Ho Chi Minh City expert personal trainer

Getting started is easy.
Here's how personal training works.

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Get started properly with exercise tests & assessments.

I'll perform a series of comprehensive fitness assessments, functional movement and range of motion screens and a skeletal analysis.

Data gathered will assist me in designing the most intelligent and goal appropriate fitness training program so you can workout efficiently, safely and reach your goals quickly.


Get personalized fitness program targeting your goals.

You'll get your own personalized, customized, comprehensive fitness training program, designed based on data and analysis collected from fitness assessments.

Your fitness training program will be an exact match with your health & fitness goals so you'll always be training correctly and efficiently.

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personal trainers in Ho Chi Minh City


Achieve more with our certified personal trainers.

Our certified personal trainers in Ho Chi Minh City will give you the boost and accountability you need to maximum your training sessions and get better exercise results.  


You can fitness train with me one of my expert staff NASM male & female Certified Personal Trainers & Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructors.

  • Weight Loss Specialists

  • Certified yoga instructors

  • Certified Pilates Instructors

  • Sports Performance Specialists

  • Strength & Conditioning Specialists

  • Muay Thai Kickboxing Trainers

  • Exercise Specialists

  • Nutrition Coaches


Workout conveniently at your apartment gym or in-home.

At Dennis Romatz Fitness, we know convenience is key so my staff personal trainers and I specialize in mobile, freelance apartment gym & in-home personal training in Ho Chi Minh City.

You choose your training location.  We come to you! 


We train in every District within Ho Chi Minh City, including Thao Dien, An Phu, Binh Thanh and Phu My Hung.

apartment gym & in-home personal trainer in Ho Chi Minh City
price Dennis Romatz Ho Chi Minh City personal trainer. educated Exercise science & nutrition per


Train with a certified HCMC personal trainer at a great price.

Prices for my personal trainers in Ho Chi Minh City varies as they all have varying levels of fitness education, Internationally recognized personal trainer certifications and years of experience.

Browse my value-added personal training prices & packages and select the personal trainer and plan that works best for you.   

Learn more about how much a personal trainer costs in Ho Chi Minh City here.

Get started with your first session for

start personal training in HCMC for free with Dennis Romatz
Lose weight & burn body fat with Dennis Romatz personal trainer in Ho Chi Minh City

Lose Weight &
Drop Stubborn Body Fat

You'll learn why you gained weight & body fat in the first place, which foods lead to storing body fat and stored calorie imbalances.


I'll teach you how to exercise in a lower intensity heart rate zone which uses body fat as a fuel to burn calories, thus reducing body fat resulting in sustainable weight loss, a toned body with a shapely figure.

  • Lower body weight

  • Reduce body fat %

  • Reshape your body composition

Increase Cardio Fitness & Endurance

I'll teach you how to do your cardio training with "peaks & valleys" intervals, gradually increasing your heart rate higher with each new interval to increase aerobic capacity and cardio fitness while using sugars from foods recently eaten as a fuel for quick burst energy.

You also learn how to increase your heart rate during cardio training and lengthen your interval time for increased cardio endurance while using a combination of sugars & stored body fat as fuels for performance. 

  • Increase cardio fitness, VO2 & aerobic capacity

  • Increase oxygenated blood circulation from heart to extremities

  • Increase your heart health, energy level and performance

Cardio fitness training in Ho Chi Minh City with Dennis Romatz personal trainer
Gain muscle with strength training with Ho Chi Minh City personal trainer Dennis Romatz. e

Gain Muscle Mass, Strength, Functionality & Performance 

You'll Get a strength training program which uses appropriate weights & resistance and varies your repetitions per set to build muscle mass, increase muscle endurance or elevate muscle performance.


You'll also get a nutrition coaching program which will include foods that facilitate muscle growth, performance & recovery and boost workout energy.

  • Build muscle mass, strength, size & flexibility

  • Increase muscle performance & functionality

  • Increase muscle strength for postural support

Train with the fitness program that matches your goals.

Whether your goal is to improve your health, transform your body or mold a healthy lifestyle, I have personal trainingfitness programs and group fitness classes that target your goals.  

Testimonials & Reviews

"Dennis is exactly the type of personal trainer I was looking for.  He takes a professional approach to personal training applying his exercise science & nutrition education in every fitness training session.

He marries science based fitness training with plant based nutrition for a holistic style fitness and healthy lifestyle management.  He provides the complete personal fitness training & wellness package."

Oliver Minder.jpg

Oliver Minder

CEO and Founder

"Dennis' personal training is great.  He's so smart and knowledgeable about the body.  He explains his exercises so well.  I know exactly why I'm doing each movement and what muscles it's working.  His program just works.  My butt is stronger and more shapely and tone in just a few weeks.  My posture is so much better and I can see my abs!  I got the hour glass figure I initially told Dennis I wanted.  I have it now!!!"


Nalisa Sitabut

CEO and Founder Nalisa & Associates

Fit & Healthy Corporate Fitness Clients 

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Ready to start personal training in Playa Del Carmen?

Ready To Start Training?

I'll kickstart your training with a free trial session so we can cover all the preliminary bases and get started properly.




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