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Personal Trainer Dennis Romatz will help you achieve your health & fitness goals faster, safer and more effectively

Expert Personal Fitness Trainer

Dennis Romatz is an elite freelance certified personal trainer who will help you achieve your health & fitness goals with his knowledge, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and safe, effective exercise science based training programs.

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Master Personal Trainer

If you're searching for the very best personal trainer, you've come to the right website!

Along with being named of of the 20 Best Personal Trainers in the World, Dennis is also an excellent weight loss coach, nutrition coach and highly skilled Muay Thai Kickboxing trainer.

As a professional certified personal trainer, Dennis offers a full range of personal training services including in-person personal training, online personal training, live online personal training and hybrid personal training whereas you can do a mix of both in-person and online training to perhaps accommodate your schedule and get the best of both training methods.

Dennis' personal training specialty is clinical based weight loss coaching via body fat reduction.

Great Reasons To Hire Dennis As Your Personal Trainer

Having Dennis as your personal trainer can certainly help if you're just starting out with your exercise program and are struggling or perhaps you don't even know how or where to start.

Here are 12 great reasons having Dennis as your personal trainer will help you up your training game and achieve your goals.

  • Help you get started properly

  • Help you set realistic goals 

  • Design an exercise science based training program

  • Make a disciplined training schedule

  • Help you achieve more and see great results

  • Teach you anatomy and about your body

  • Hold you accountable

  • Help make your workouts efficient

  • Challenge you physically to train more intensively

  • Help you mold healthy lifestyle behaviors

  • You have special needs (injury or condition)

  • Need help training for a specific sport

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Personal Trainer To Help You Achieve More

Having Dennis as your personal trainer will help you overcome your fears of going to a gym in a place where you may feel intimidated by the people, machines or even the atmosphere.

Dennis' role as a personal trainer after all, is to guide you, possibly kick your ass and make you do the things you wouldn't or couldn't do on your own.  He will teach you how to use machines and weights.  He will design the perfect program so you can reach your goals safely and effectively.  He will teach and show you how to do each of the exercises and movements correctly and safely.

With Dennis as your personal trainer, you will be able to achieve your health & fitness goals, mold health lifestyle behaviors, transform your body and accomplish thing you never thought were possible on your own.

Inspirational Personal Trainer

Dennis is a motivator who trains, teaches and leads by example.  He lives a flawlessly healthy lifestyle of daily exercise in a variety of sports and activities, clean plant based eating and healthy living.

He does so because it's the right things to do, but as well, because he knows that he is a role model for his training clients and that they will feed off his actions and benefit greatly.

During your fitness training sessions, Dennis will motivate, encourage and build your confidence by highlighting the positives and gently and thoroughly correcting your exercise flaws.  He is exactly the type of personal trainer you enjoy training with.

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True Desire To Help You Succeed

Dennis brings unparalleled passion for his career in the fitness industry and as a personal trainer into every session.

He loves everything about the human body and making it better, healthier, fitter and making it perform better whether you are an office worker, electrician or a professional athlete.

This is why Dennis is so engaged in every session he trains. 

He's focused on his clients every movement and teaching them how to not only train, but also learn how to train so that they can exercise on their own for a lifetime of health & fitness.

As your personal trainer, Dennis will support you through your fitness journey providing all of the enthusiasm, motivation, knowledge and expertise you need to succeed.

Dennis' Personal Training Locations

Dennis is currently plying his trade as a personal trainer in Bangkok, Thailand.

He also provides personal training in the following cities:

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Ready To Start Personal Training?

Getting started personal training with Dennis is quick, easy and free.

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