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Your successful fitness training results depend largely on your food consumption and how well you can fuel your body.

Some folks are training for weight loss so we recommend and administer a plant based food program which consists of high performance, nutrient dense foods which are low in calories.

Others are interested in gaining muscle so again, we appropriate the proper foods and quantities of proteins to necessary for your body to grow more muscle mass.

Nutrition and fitness is no longer a 50 / 50 equation.  The reality is that not much gets accomplished without proper nutrition and healthy eating.  We lean more towards the nutrition / fitness equation being 80 / 20 so place a great deal of emphasis on nutrition coaching, goal appropriate meal plans and positive, healthy eating behavioral changes.

Every personal training client we work with gets the benefit of nutrition coaching within every personal training session.


It goes without saying that most people who need a personal trainer also need help with their food consumption.

Our nutrition specialists design individual meal plans so that our clients can be more disciplined eaters and stay true to their fitness training goals.

As well, our healthy meal plans facilitate fitness training goal achievement by recommending proper foods to eat as well as proper quantities of foods to eat.

Meal plans are adjusted according to specific needs and are always changing as our clients progress towards their goals with changes in nutrient needs and requirements.

Meal plans and food recommendations are included within every client's personal training sessions.

meal plans Hanoi Dennis Romatz