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My Live Online Personal Training is similar to my in person fitness training, except I'm live on your video application instead of standing next to you.

Live online fitness training includes exercise instructions, form, posture and training technique corrections in addition to my empowering inspiration, motivation and encouragement..

You also get live accountability to perform and each repetition of each set of each workout perfectly for maximum results.


Fitness training is all about moving your body in a fashion and manner to elicit muscular responses of shortening and lengthening to articulate joints thus creating energy to burn calories, initiate muscle hypertrophy as well as cardiovascular endurance and VO2 Maxillary increase.

Most online personal training programs are predominately functional training utilizing body weight movements.

This creates a real need to implement principles of kinesiology, correct biomechancis and human movement.

With MY live online training, i is live and right there on the other side of your video camera teaching you in real time, how to perform each and every exercise perfectly and safely to maximize each movement, workout and to guarantee your goal achievement.

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live online personal training fitness Dennis Romatz


I'm live with you which gives me the opportunity to motivate and encourage you during your workouts.

I hold you accountable to perform at your highest level during each exercise so that you are guaranteed to get the most out of every workout.

Some people simply don't like or want to go to a gym to workout.  They lack the motivation and encouragement and mostly, they don't know what to do when they are at a gym.

With my live online personal training you can exercise in your safe surroundings and get great workouts at home with the same personal trainer motivation of being at a gym.

Monitoring, assessing and evaluating your workouts is the key to progressively overloading your variable intensities. 

I'm is able visually see your activities and progress, chart it and then scale your training program so you are always achieving higher levels of fitness.


I provide my live online personal training to my clients all over the world, in every continent, every country as long as you have a device, internet connection and a desire to achieve your health & fitness goals.

If times zones are an issue, I'm always willing and able to train at odd hours depending on the country he I'm in.

Payment for live online personal training is easy.

I use Wise which makes paying for and transferring personal training package money quick and easy from anywhere in the world.

Global virtual live online personal fitness training Dennis Romatz