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Here's how to identify bad personal trainers

Let me first say that the personal trainer industry is unregulated so, from the get-go, you can already understand that there will be some rotten egg personal trainers.

And oh boy, let me tell you, bad personal trainers are everywhere!  Most people just don't see them or cannot identify the bad personal trainers because they simply don't know what the qualities and traits of good and bad personal trainers.

Fortunately, I have 36 years experience as both a professional personal trainer and personal training business owner.

I see personal trainers 7 days a week and I interview prospective staff personal trainers weekly.

Thus, I have a keen eye for who is quality and who is a blemish on the fitness industry in general.

If you have a desire to be a personal trainer you can read how to become a personal trainer here.


Here's how to identify a bad personal trainer.

Personal trainer on their phone:

A personal fitness trainer should never be on their phone during a personal training session.  There is absolutely no reason for a personal trainer to be on their phone during a personal training session aside from them possibly getting an emergency call or text message.  You're not paying a personal trainer to be on their phone.

one of the rules I have a personal training business owner is that my staff personal trainers and fitness coaches are absolutely not allowed to be on their phones during a personal training session.

Personal trainer sitting during a training session:

There is absolutely no reason for a personal trainer to be sitting during a personal training session wile you're doing the exercise.  Too tired?  go home.  To bored?  Get a new career.  This is a sign that the personal trainer is disengaged, lay and quite frankly, disrespectful to the fact that you are paying them to physically demonstrate exercise, not demonstrate how to sit on a bench.

I'm proud of the fact that I have never once sat during a personal training session in all of my 35 years as a personal trainer and fitness coach.

Personal trainer talking about personal issues:

I see this a lot when a personal trainer thinks that their client is interested in their personal life.  The only conversation between a personal trainer and his or her client should be the discussion your fitness program, and of how to perform and exercise, what muscles it's working and the intricacies involved.

Personal trainer being silent:

A silent personal trainer is one who is not teaching, educating and describing the details of an exercise or movement.

one of the biggest and most important aspect of being a personal trainer is to be knowledgeable in the fields of human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology and have the ability to articulate the knowledge so that their clients gains the very important education on how to perform movements now and in the future when they are out training on their own.

Personal trainer who cancels sessions:

This one applies to folks who are already utilizing a personal trainer's services.  A random cancellation is will always happen, but a series of consecutive cancels and/or a pattern of cancellations is a sign that your personal trainer is disinterested in either you, their personal training career or both. 


You've probably hired a personal trainer because you don't know fitness, you don't know how to perform exercises, you don't know what to do in a gym and you don't have the determination to do it on your own.

However, use common sense and scrutinize a personal trainer's behaviors just as you would judge the behaviors of your kids, your co-workers or your employees in any other industry.

There are a few more personal negative traits and characteristics of bad personal trainers, but let's stat with this.

Hopefully this helps you to decide whether your own personal trainer is good or bad and to identify your prospective personal trainer by watching them train their other clients.

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About the author

Dennis Romatz is an Internationally acclaimed, clinically focused, exercise based, naturopathy centric personal trainer, online fitness coach and plant based nutrition coach specializing in weight loss with a University Exercise Science & Nutrition education and 36 years of personal training experience.