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Train successfully and achieve your health & fitness goals with our World Class personal training services in Ho Chi Minh City

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fitness services in Ho Chi Minh City

My professional fitness trainer staff and I offer a full scope of fitness health, wellness & fitness services. 


We can help you with all aspect of your fitness journey with a multitude of fitness training, nutrition, healthy lifestyles management, mental preparedness and motivation services.


Improve your health & wellness with professional fitness services

Mobile, private personal fitness training apt. gym services in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.

A full scope of nutritional coaching, guidance, food education, daily meal plans in Ho Chi Minh.

Live, online personal training & nutritional coaching from any where in the world.

Indoor and outdoor fitness classes, boot camps, fitness camps designed for increased fitness, cardio respiratory and weight loss in District 1, District 2 & District 7 as well as Thao Dien.

  • Corporate Fitness & Wellness

Company wellness programs including fitness training, nutritional coaching, lowering cardiovascular risk factors, increasing employee performance and diminishing absenteeism due to illness.

  • Motivational Speaking

Inspirational and motivational speaking engagements for small or large groups, corporations and private sector.

  • Gym Consultancy

Help with gym, fitness center and training studio planning, design, set up, staffing, budgeting, programming, operations and management. 

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