Phuket fitness training programs Dennis Romatz


Goal targeted fitness training in Phuket

My fitness training programs in Phuket are all science based and prescribed based on data gathered from thorough exercise tests, assessment and movement screens.

Phuket is unique in that I can offer fitness training programs in several very cool locations such as Nai Harn gym, Chalong gym or Maximum Fitness & Fitness Hero gyms in Patong Beach, condo gym or on Nai Harn, Kata or Bang Tao Beach.  It all depends on your goals and where you prefer to train.


Your fitness program is applied to your training in accordance with your goals.  That is to say that I select the most goal appropriate fitness training programs to make an exact match with your health & fitness goals so you train goal specifically, efficiently, safely and reach your goals quickly.


Weight Loss

Muscle Gain

Cardio Respiratory Training

Muay Thai Kickboxing

HIIT High Intensity Interval Training

MIIT Moderate Intensity Interval Training

LISS Low Intensity Steady State Training

Strength & Conditioning

Body Weight Training

Resistance Training



Myofascial Release


Injury Rehabilitation


Skeletal Alignment

BP, Type 2 Diabetes, Cholesterol Adjustments & Maintenance

man transforming his body with fitness trianing by Dennis Romatz in Phuket


Transform your body into a work of art and sculpt it to look exactly how you've always dreamed of.

Achieving your best body ever is easier than you might think with the aid of my intelligent program design, effective personal fitness training, proper nutritional coaching and guidance and consistency.

I coach my clients every step of the way, providing encouragement, motivation and of course, the best possible training. 

I always tell my clients to tell me exactly how they want to look and feel because your dream body is possible when we design the correct program, train diligently and stay consistent.


As a mature personal trainer at age 55, I know full well the importance of heart health so training your heart as a priority is at the forefront of all my client's fitness programs.

In doing so, there is tremendous windfall anatomical & physiological benefits and as well, it assists in increasing overall performance for greater and quicker goal achievement.

Whether your health goal is to lose weight, increase heart health, increase cardiorespiratory health, lower bad cholesterol, lower and get rid of Type 2 Diabetes, lower blood pressure, increase VO2 Maxillary, increase oxygenated blood flow and circulation, I have fitness training programs that will help you achieve your goals.

Mental and emotional health are also enhanced with my holistic and all encompassing fitness training supplemented with proper nutrition.

improved health with fitness trainng by Dennis Romatz in Phuket
man developing healthy lifestyle in Phuket with Dennis Romatz


Your healthy lifestyle is taught and solidified with my strategies for implementing daily activities that quickly become positive habits and patterns for successful living.

As I train you I insert and integrate conversation filled with positivity and instill you with a sense that all things are possibly.

Every fitness training session with me and every healthy meal you consume serves to strengthen your resolve to become the best version of yourself.  These daily physical and emotional affirmations become the reinforcement that provides a solid foundation for you to live out the rest of your life fulfilling your each day with health, gratitude and joy.