Q: "How does personal training work?

A: I start with an initial phone or in person consultation to discuss your fitness & nutrition requirements, needs and most importantly, your goals.  I then perform thorough exercise testing including assessments and functional movement screens.  I analyze and gather the necessary data to then design your most goal appropriate and safest fitness training program supported with a sensible nutrition program.  You will then begin your actual physical personal fitness training.

Q: "What are your prices for personal training?"

A: My personal trainer prices and packages are listed in detail on the price page.  Bangkok personal training prices are herePhuket personal training prices are here.  Prices may vary slightly if additional travel is required to get to your training location.


Q: "How many personal training sessions do I need?"  

A: The amount of personal training sessions you need is based on your time frame and how quickly you want to achieve your goals.  Generally speaking, 3 or more personal training sessions per week is sufficient with 4 or more tipping the scale in your favor producing quicker results.  Some health and fitness training goals require more sessions per week.

Q: "Can you come to my condo gym?"

A: Yes, I come to you!  I provide a concierge style of private, exclusive personal training and trains my clients at the location of their choice.  I can train you at your condo gym, commercial gym, in-home, villa, resort, hotel gym at a beach or outdoors.

Q: "How long before I see results?"

A: Your physiological changes will occur immediately upon starting your fitness training.  That is to say that I will have you perform exercises which elicit a physiological response.  This physiological response will initiate the process of getting fit by increasing your VO@ Maxillary.  You will notice or "fee;" a change in your muscles during and after the very first workout.  Significant changes will happen in at little as 10-14 days.

Q: "Can you train two or more people together?"

A: Yes, I can personal train 2-3 persons with semi private personal training and 4 or more persons with group fitness training.

Q: "Do you provide nutrition coaching with my fitness training sessions?"

A: Yes, I provide nutrition coaching, dietary recommendations, meal plans and food education within each and every personal fitness training session and in real time so that you are always receiving daily food recommendations for optimal performance and recovery as well as eating for your goal achievement.

Please feel free to contact me if you have a question that is not listed in my FAQ page.