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Expert Personal Fitness Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Dennis Romatz is a clinically focused, naturopathy centric, goal oriented, results driven exercise science based personal trainer & plant based nutrition coach with a strict adherence to principles of kinesiology, correct biomechanics and human movement.

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Dennis' Fitness Education, Experience & Bio

Dennis Romatz has a University education in Exercise Science & Nutrition from Central Michigan University and 35 years personal trainer experience.

He has been a personal trainer , fitness coach, exercise specialist and weight loss coach in 2 Continents, 6 countries and multiples cities.   Dennis and his staff of certified personal trainers currently provide personal training in Bangkok and Phuket.

Dennis also owns the incredibly successful Pro-Fit Bangkok, Pro-Fit Pattaya, Pro-Fit Phuket, Pro-Fit Phnom Penh, Pro-Fit Saigon and Pro-Fit Hanoi which are private personal training businesses providing freelance personal training.  Dennis has a staff of certified personal trainers in each location including personal fitness trainers, fitness coaches, Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructors, nutrition coaches and weight loss specialists.

Dennis' Personal Fitness Training Style

Dennis Romatz is a clinically focused, naturopathy centric, goal oriented, results driven exercise science based certified personal fitness trainer & plant based nutrition coach who strictly adheres to Kinesiology, correct biomechanics and principles of human movement.  Learn more about Dennis' exercise science based personal training here.


Dennis is versed in all sports, exercises and human movements therefore he can provide personal training to all of his clients in a manner which they require as well as in a style in which they love and find exciting and exhilarating.

Dennis is not a drill sergeant nor does he ever raise is voice.  He clearly explains the how's & why's and teaches, motivates, encourages and guides his client to success.

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Dennis' Personal Fitness Training Specialties

Dennis has immersed himself in the science of the human body's physiological process of Lypolysis whereas fat cells are cleaved and then used as a fuel source when energy is created and calories are burned, thus causing body fat reduction and ultimately, weight loss.  Learn more about Dennis' weight loss coaching details here.

Dennis has since become a phenomenal weight loss specialist using intelligent science and exercise physiology based principles in his training client's exercise programs to guarantee safe, effective and sustainable weight loss for every client he trains.  

Dennis facilitates greater weight loss and supports weight management with his nutrition coaching, meal plans and healthy lifestyles management mentoring.

Dennis is also a well respected Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor & trainer with a very unique & effective fitness approach to kickboxing training.

Personal Fitness Trainer Online Globally

Dennis Romatz is currently providing Online Personal Training including Live Online Personal Training,  Hybrid Online Personal Training, Personalized Online Personal Training and Online nutrition Coaching worldwide for persons in all International locations.

You only need a device with a camera, the video app of your choice, a strong internet connection, a health & fitness goal and a strong will to improve your health, increase your fitness and achieve your goals.

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Private Travel Personal Trainer

Dennis Romatz is available and can be booked as a private, travel personal trainer if you would like to fly to an exotic destination or your favorite location to train for a minimum of one week and maximum of one month.  

Please contact Dennis to discuss your fitness holiday plans and to book Dennis to train you and make your fitness retreat spectacular.

Personal Fitness Trainer in Thailand

Dennis Romatz provides personal training in the following cities:

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personal trainer in Bangkok, Thailand

Personal Trainer in Bangkok, Thailand

Dennis Romatz is currently providing personal training, fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, Muay Thai Kickboxing, physiotherapy, weight loss coaching & hybrid in-person / online personal training in Bangkok, Thailand.

He provides a concierge style of fitness training at condo gyms, in-home, at parks, outdoors and at commercial gyms in the greater Bangkok area.

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