Dennis Romatz personal trainer


Internationally acclaimed personal trainer named one of the "20 Best Personal Trainers in the World"


I am a clinically focused, naturopathy centric, goal oriented, results driven exercise science based personal trainer & plant based nutrition coach with a strict adherence to principles of kinesiology, correct biomechanics and human movement.

Dennis Romatz personal trainer



Dennis Romatz Personal Trainer LLC


Head Personal Trainer


University Exercise Science, Nutrition, Business Administration

Certified Personal Trainer


35 years Personal trainer experience


  • Clinically Educated

  • Exercise Science Focused

  • Naturopathy Centric

  • Plant Based

  • Goal Oriented 

  • Results Driven

Strict and disciplined adherence to principles of Kinesiology, Biomechanics and Human Movement as well as exact and precise exercise testing & prescription and implementation of proper exercise protocols & training methodologies.


I'm known as a detailed perfectionist in that I pay special attention to the smallest of details of human movement and biomechanics when fitness training because I believe that there is only one single way to perform an exercise correctly and a hundred ways to do it wrong.  I'm always emphasizing the small details because you reap the best benefits when we train perfectly.

I'm a fitness coach and a plant based nutrition coach and equal to these, I'm also a healthy lifestyles educator, teacher and mentor because our training is not completed and our goal is not reached until your daily lifestyle includes exercise, proper nutrition, optimal wellness and your ability to accomplish these on your own.

My perspective on fitness training is to set the goal with all of my clients of a 3 month training time limit.

This instills a sense of urgency with my clients to train each session diligently and consistently and as well, places emphasis on myself to be the best possible personal trainer, delivering the best fitness training sessions each time we workout.

Dennis Romatz personal trainer
Dennis Romatz personal trainer


I am a certified personal trainer, but more that that, I am clinically schooled at a University with one of the top ranked Exercise Science and Health Sciences programs in the United States.

My time leaning over and dissecting either of the four cadavers in my Human Anatomy Lab was inarguably the greatest facet of my clinical education.  I utilize this education while training every client during each session.

I also utilize my Human Physiology, Kinesiology & Biomechanics and Cardiovascular Risk Factors education to accurately exercise test, prescribe and implement proper training protocols relevant to my client's goals.

My knowledge of every detail of the human body while training it to be healthier with higher degrees of daily performance and functionality is the key to our fitness training success.


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The second most important aspect of my personal fitness training career (next to my fitness education) and benefit to my clients is the 35 years of personal training experience I've accrued.  The skill and knowledge I've acquired is priceless.

I would simply put the value of my experience into a simple analogy to convey it's importance.

Would you rather have a first year rookie heart surgeon straight out of college operate on you or pay a little bit more to have a heart surgeon with the finest education and 35 years of operating on hearts with a 100% success record perform your operation?

I put my lessons learned from every single training session in the past 35 years into every training session in 2021...yours included.

You will reach your fitness goals and succeed when you fitness train with me.

Dennis Romatz personal trainer


I'm a clinically focused which means that my personal fitness training is centered around the heart, the heart's blood pressure and how the beats per minute dictate the fuel (either subcutaneous & visceral body fat or glucose & glycogen) source that your body uses to burn calories to propel human movement and calories as well as affect VO2 (fitness) levels.  


I'm versed in all sports, exercises and human movements therefore I can provide personal training to all of my clients in a manner which they require as well as in a style in which they love and find exciting and exhilarating.

I'm not a drill sergeant nor do I ever raise my voice.  I clearly explain the how's & why's and teach, motivate, encourage, inspire and guides my client to success.


I have immersed myself in the science of the human body's physiological process of Lypolysis whereas fat cells are cleaved and then used as a fuel source when energy is created and calories are burned, thus causing body fat reduction and ultimately, weight loss.

I have since become a phenomenal weight loss specialist using intelligent science and exercise physiology based principles in his training client's exercise programs to guarantee safe, effective and sustainable weight loss for every client he trains.  

I facilitate greater weight loss and support weight management with my nutrition coaching, meal plans and healthy lifestyles management mentoring.

Dennis Romatz personal trainer
Dennis Romatz personal trainer


I'm available and can be booked as a private, travel personal trainer if you would like to fly to an exotic destination or your favorite location to train for a minimum of one week and maximum of one month.  

Please contact me to discuss your fitness holiday plans and to make a booking to train with me and make your fitness retreat spectacular.