cardio personal training program with dennis romatz


Increase your fitness levels with a cardio specific, high intensity interval fitness training program by Dennis Romatz

Boost your cardio fitness today!

You'll get increased cardiorespiratory fitness levels with a dedicated, laser focused, motivation boosted cardio specific, clinically focused and exercise physiology based training fitness program.

I'll teach you how to do your cardio training with "peaks & valleys" intervals, gradually increasing your heart rate higher with each new interval to increase aerobic capacity and cardio fitness while using sugars from foods recently eaten as a fuel for quick burst energy.

You also learn how to increase your heart rate during cardio training and lengthen your interval time for increased cardio endurance while using a combination of sugars & stored body fat as fuels for performance. 

Cardio fitness training program with Dennis Romatz

What is Cardio Fitness Training?

My Cardio Fitness training is a methodology of exercise designed to increase your fitness levels by training in high/low intervals to increase your heart rate and your heart and lung oxygen capacity.


This type of training is designed to increase fitness levels by always targeting a higher heart rate with each high intensity interval and then bringing it back down as quickly as possible.

My Cardio training also serves to increase oxygenated blood flow throughout your body increasing circulation.

Cardio training lends itself to personal training as it gives you that extra motivational push you need to reach higher levels of training intensity.

How I perform my cardio training fitness programs

Cardio fitness training is the most important form of exercise for everyone.

Cardio training focuses on the heart, lungs and oxygenated blood flow throughout the body and everyone benefits when we train the heart first and foremost as a priority .

I utilize higher intensity interval training when focusing on training specifically for cardio and increase fitness levels.  With each interval, I'm always trying to reach a higher heart rate while then bringing the heart rate back down to a desired baseline.  It's from this baseline that we start the next interval and so forth in a series of intervals.

I can tailor a personalized cardio training program for each individual based on their needs as well as the type of piece of cardio equipment they prefer to use.

Cardio fitness training program with Dennis Romatz