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Apartment gym & in-home personal training with Dennis Romatz


Discover the incredible convenience & benefits of training with our personal trainers at your apartment gym or in-home

Enjoy The Benefits of Exercising in Your Own Environment

Train with our private, mobile personal trainers & yoga instructors at your apartment gym or in-home.


We also train train at fitness studios, commercial gyms, yoga studios, parks, outdoors and your chosen fitness training location.

apartment gym & in-home personal trainer in Chicago

In-Home & Apartment Gym Training For Ultimate Convenience.

At Dennis Romatz Fitness, I know convenience is key so my staff personal trainers, fitness coaches and I specialize in apartment gym & in-home personal training in downtown Chicago.

Myself and my staff of Chicago personal trainers, fitness coaches and fitness class instructors provide a wonderfully convenient service of mobile, private personal fitness training and killer fitness programs in most every neighborhood of downtown Chicago.

Whether you're in Lincoln Park, the Gold Cost or at the other end in the South Loop, I will come to you and deliver my very best personal training to help make your workouts convenient, consistent and effective!

You choose your training location.  We come to you! 

Apartment Gym & Home training.  We come to you.

We bring all of the necessary fitness training equipment to your place of training. 

We leave the equipment right there with you in most cases.  This way, you are able to use the equipment to train with on the days when you are not training with us.


Of course, our personal trainers will help you choose the proper fitness program based on your current health condition and your goals. 

We offer a multitude of fitness programs for your benefit.  You can even choose from speed fitness, yoga, pilates, aqua / pool fitness, cardio kickboxing.

Our apartment gym training makes exercise, training and workouts consistent because we will always show up.  This keeps you accountable and it helps to maintain an atmosphere of ease of training.

Consistency of training is made easy when your personal trainer comes to you.

Apartment gym & in-home personal trainer
Train conveniently with apartment & condo gym training

Train Conveniently At Your Desired Location

My apartment gym and In-Home personal training is quite simply the easiest, most comfortable and most convenient way to train and maintain a healthy lifestyle inclusive of a daily workout routine. 


All fitness programs for all goals are easily achieved with the equipment provided in condo & apartment gyms. 

Nutrition and nutritional guidance are also easily delivered in an condo gym setting and is included within every personal training session.


Weight loss is accomplished much easier as the apartment gyms are usually empty and the cardio machines are almost always available.

Sensible, Intelligent Personal Fitness Training

Yes!  This is your smartest fitness training option!

  • No gym fees.

  • No travel.

  • No travel fees.

  • No gym beverage costs.

  • No travel returning home.

  • No travel fees returning home.

Smart apartment gym & in home personal training Dennis Romatz Fitness
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